Compassion for others, compassion for ourselves

Two things came across my mind yesterday morning.

ONE: Remembering that a lot of Vietnamese people were once refugees among the nations, I hope that the Vietnamese people in Vietnam and the Vietnamese people overseas can do more to help the Syrian refugees and other people fleeing conflicts.

Vietnamese refugees, source:

For example, we can grant asylum to a couple of hundreds Syrians in Vietnam. It is not a large number, and probably most of these people will settle in other countries like Indonesia or Malaysia, but it is hugely symbolic.

Similarly, I hope to see more participation by Vietnam in peacekeeping missions around the world. Having witnessed the development of Vietnam from an impoverished country to a fast developing country, I am convinced that peace and economic prosperity are intertwined.

The world was kind to us, and we should do more to pay it forward.

Perhaps if we Vietnamese can develop a greater sense of compassion and responsibility to others, we will also develop sense of compassion for ourselves and finally heal the wounds of war.

Having experienced pains and sufferings, we can share our stories and compassion with others in the world who are also experiencing similar pains and sufferings.

We cannot change what happened in the past, but we have a responsibility for the present and the future, for the people who are living and the people who are yet to be born.

TWO: Personally I might not be able to do one or two great things, but I can do a million of small things to make life great for someone. I hope one day I will adopt a child from Syria or Lebanon :)

Offering to St. Washington for peace and prosperity

May peace be with all.

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