The time ahead

The days are long, but the months and years go by quickly.

After talking to some friends and some reflections, I came up with a list of interests that hopefully I will get to work on for the next couple of years.

List A:

  1. Conversational AI: you will talk to your computers, they will converse back
  2. Affective Computing: your computers will understand your emotions
  3. Quantum Computing: a different type of computers
  4. Bioengineering: working with microorganisms to produce stuffs
  5. Aerospace Engineering: building spaceships

List B:

  1. Agriculture: grow more food, sustainably
  2. Healthcare: cheaper, better medical diagnosis
  3. Climate change: more adaptive dwelling
  4. Desalination: how to produce water cheaply
  5. Reforestation: make Earth green again


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