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We acknowledge the challenges of a political application that must also maintain bias control. VotingSmarter is dedicated to open and transparent leadership. For all those interested, below are profiles of our current staff. To see the graphics created — check out our instagram highlight.

(Updated: Aug 13, 2020)

Executive Team:

Robin Cain

Robin is one of VotingSmarter’s co-founders and our COO. She likes to stay active and help others — that often involves baking cookies! A lover of the great outdoors, she loves dogs and wants to protect gun rights for hunting and sports.

Terry Crandall

Terry is the founder and CEO of VotingSmarter. He brings experience in the worlds of presidential campaigning, economics, entrepreneurship, and real estate to the team. By day, he loves to hike, and at night you’ll find him enjoying a glass of good wine. Terry is interested in education policy (after all, he is the father of twins) and supports vouchers for K-12 schooling.

Josh Martinez

Josh is the co-founder and CTO of VotingSmarter. He loves yoga, surfing, and pardons for nonviolent drug offenders. He’s happy to share books, playlists, and recommendations for campaign spending reform.

Natasha Romero-Salas

Natasha is a graduate of Chapman University and Co-Founder of VotingSmarter. As CMO, she currently leads the marketing and public relations team. Natasha enjoys finding the best places to eat and going to drive-in movies, and would love it if all immigrants had an easier pathway to becoming U.S. citizens.

Anchit Roy

Anchit works on the Executive team, analyzing our finances and data. Alongside VotingSmarter’s finances, Anchit keeps an eye on the national debt, which he worries is a risk to the economy. With a background in engineering, he still likes to keep up with industry trends while sipping a cup of coffee.

Anubhav Tripathi

Anubhav is VotingSmarter’s CRO and a co-founder of the company. He has a medical background, and has interned in hospitals across the world, including a half-year stint in Africa. Alongside his work with VotingSmarter, he is pursuing studies in law and economics. When he isn’t working hard, you’ll find him relaxing with a good book. His love of literature has led him to a firm belief in free speech.

Martin Gomez

Martin has a background in corporate law and works as an advisor to VotingSmarter’s team. In life and in his politics, he loves to see an even playing field; his favorite sport is soccer, and his political passion is for economic equality!

Advisory Board:

Scott Cohen

Scott is an advisor on VotingSmarter’s board. As an entrepreneur with years of experience in the business world, Scott values fiscal conservatism. As an active, extroverted person who loves to engage with people from all over, he has a socially liberal political outlook.

Marketing Team:

Ana Alfaro

Ana is an intern on the marketing team. She enjoys reading, drinking espresso, cycling around her home city of Los Angeles, and advocating for universal basic income!

Britney Aliaga

Britney, a rising high school senior, is an intern in VotingSmarter’s marketing team. She gets pretty passionate about gun legislation, but her mastery of Spotify playlists helps her to stay chill.

Annie Brennan

Annie is VotingSmarter’s resident graphic design maestro, and is currently pursuing her BFA at Chapman University. She is passionate about criminal justice reform — although it’s best to wait until she has had her cup of tea to talk about it!

Logan Derbes

Logan is a student at the University of Alabama, and works on VotingSmarter’s Marketing team. She is an organized person who loves to plan parties and organize to promote women’s reproductive rights. To relax, she enjoys walking on the beach and a good glass of wine.

Connor Dobson

Connor is a content writer for VotingSmarter. He’s a smart guy; while at Wagner College, he got good grades in science classes he didn’t even attend! Speaking of science, Connor has seen the data on climate change, and wants the government to do more about it!

Michael Galati

Michael Galati is a student at New York University who works on VotingSmarer’s Political Research team. While he is confident in his views, he loves to engage with different opinions. This applies to political issues like healthcare, but also to cultural icons like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande!

Brynna Mitchner

Brynna is a student at the University of Alabama who works on VotingSmarter’s Marketing team. She loves to go to concerts, and supports the legalization of marijuana.

Alexis Rindner

Alexis is an economics student at Boston University, and works on VotingSmarter’s Marketing team. She has a lot of strong opinions on issues like free trade policies, but the real deal breaker for her is cats — love ’em or leave!

Ruairi Vaughan

Ruairi is a content creator at VotingSmarter. Before coming onto the team, he was an elections analyst for a progressive think tank in the Pacific Northwest. Ruairi loves (and I mean, loves) dogs, and is passionate about ending U.S. foreign wars.

Ada Zhong

Ada is a student at Northwestern University and works on VotingSmarter’s marketing team. She believes urgent climate action is essential to build a sustainable future. In her free time, Ada loves rom coms and shopping at Trader Joe’s.

Political Research Team:

Laura Bea

Laura is a freshman at the University of Miami, and works with VotingSmarter’s marketing and political research teams. As a musician, traveller, blogger and student, she loves to live life to the full — and wants migrant children on the border to have the same opportunities.

Cate Benitez

Cate, a political researcher for VotingSmarter, is a rising junior at Georgetown University. Like many in her generation, she believes that the federal government should have a stronger response to climate change. Also like many in her generation, one of her favorite snacks is avocado toast!

Joanna Falla

Joanna is a political research analyst who studies environmental science and political science at Chapman University. She wants the global community to put climate change at the top of the agenda. For anyone asking, her sun sign is Gemini, her moon sign is Taurus, rising Leo (#iykyk).

Adam Gernandt

Adam brings a background in Minneapolis campaign politics to his role as a political researcher with VotingSmarter. No stranger to the complex outcomes of elections, he favors abolishing the electoral college. While he waits for that to happen, he’s at his happiest sipping a glass of kombucha.

Caleb Knapp

Caleb is a student of history and politics at Oberlin College, and works on VotingSmarter’s political research team. His top political priority is protecting Social Security. He always loves to hang out with friends, watching the sunset.

Carolena Lund

Carolena is a student at the University of Dubuque and works with VotingSmarter’s Political Research team. She is an advocate of women’s rights, a lover of dogs, and a keen player of video games!

Riley McMackin

Riley is a Public Policy student at USC and works on VotingSmarter’s Political Research team. She loves spontaneous adventures, and wishes more people could be free to take them — which is why she wants to end mandatory minimums for prison terms.

Ryan Nahmias

Ryan is a student at Chapman University who studies political science and Leadership. He works on VotingSmarter’s political outreach and research team. He loves to help people, loves sports, and spending time with family.

Dominic Puntoriero

Dominic studies economics and Mandarin at Chapman University and works on VotingSmarter’s Political Research Team. He is a foodie who loves to try new tastes, and supports constitutional gun rights.

Julian Sanchez

Julián works on VotingSmarter’s Political Research team. A student of political science at Northwestern University, he recognises the need for bipartisan cooperation, especially in order to tackle climate change for future generations.

Development Team:

Alexander Ding

Alexander is an App Developer for VotingSmarter. He loves baking and classical music, and is interested in reforming America’s voting systems.

Ingelbert Figueroa

Ingelbert is an application developer for VotingSmarter. He’s still on the fence about the political parties, but he knows that healthcare shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg during a pandemic! He likes to relax by playing video games and snacking on alfajores.

Derick Kim

Derick works on UI/UX design for VotingSmarter. As a resident of Southern California, he loves to take long walks on local beaches. As a graduate of U.C. Irvine’s UI/UX Bootcamp, he wants more emphasis on vocational and technical schools.

Compiled by the VotingSmarter Marketing team.

Edited by: Connor Dobson (Blog Editor & Podcast Producer) and Natasha Romero-Salas (CMO)

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