#VotingWhileBlack Voter Guide: Hillsborough County, FL

Elected prosecutors who continue to protect police misconduct while too often criminalizing Black communities are facing an unprecedented level of scrutiny from voters. This election year, Black voters in Chicago, St. Louis and Orlando led powerful grassroots movements to successfully unseat bad prosecutors.

Prosecutor Mark Ober in Hillsborough County, Florida is up for re-election on November 8th. Learn more about Ober’s record while in office.

Mark Ober is being challenged by Democrat Andrew Warren, a former federal prosecutor focusing on white-collar crime and running on a juvenile justice reform platform. Warren proposes expanding the use of juvenile courts and school discipline programs as a way of minimizing the number of juveniles charged as adults. Vote Andrew Warren on November 8th.

Early Voting

Early voting is open in Hillsborough County from October 24, 2016-November 6, 2016 from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. in 16 different locations. Early voting locations and what to bing to the voting sites can be found at: http://www.votehillsborough.org/About-Voting/Three-Ways-to-Vote/Early-Voting

Absentee Ballot

To register and request an absentee ballot in the State of Florida:

If you are already registered in Hillsborough County and you wish to request absentee ballots, send the completed Federal Post Card Application to the Supervisor of Elections office so that it arrives not later than the Friday before the election. Or you can use any of our regular methods for requesting Vote By Mail.

3. An FPCA application for an absentee ballot is effective for all elections through the next regularly scheduled general election.

4. The FPCA does not require postage if mailed within the U.S. postal system, including all U.S. military post offices (APO/FPO) overseas as well as diplomatic pouches.

Contact the Robert L. Gilder Elections Service Center 2514 North Falkenburg Rd. Tampa, FL 33619

Tel: (813) 744–5900 or Fax: (813) 744–5843 or Email: Voter@hcsoe.org

Visit the Hillsborough County Board of Elections for more information: http://www.votehillsborough.org/

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