Molly Keogh and Maryanne Mathias are the designers behind Osei Duro, an ethical clothing line based in Accra, Ghana. They wanted to create clothing using textiles and garments produced by local workers and artisans, all using traditional hand dyeing and weaving techniques.
Osei Duro is providing a living wage for local women and craftsmen who come from slums, helping create a sustainable garment industry in Ghana. You can read about some of the artisans who contribute to Osei Duro on one of a Kind.
Osei Duro’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection features ocean blues, bright pinks, and desert oranges, all in bold, beautiful patterns. We love the intense colors and bold pattern of the Slant Trousers!
Perfect for hot summers, Osei Duro also has a great line up of knee length and maxi dresses in different styles. We’re especially fond of their dresses in Lava.
Their expanding jewelry collection includes pieces made out of recycled brass and powdered glass. The brass necklaces will add a bold accent to your look, and will easily coordinate into any outfit.
To dye the clothing, artisans use natural fermented minerals and plant pigments. The patterns are all dyed onto the fabric by hand. Because the cloth is hand-dyed and woven, no two pieces are exactly the same.
Osei Duro also recently took a research trip to India in hopes of expanding their collection. Eco fashionistas can look forward to seeing some Indian-inspired patterns and textiles in the coming seasons.
You can order Osei Duro online, or find a store in the USA, Canada, or Europe that carries the brand. Click Here for more information.

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