Gifair Online Gadgets Store — Review and Coupon Codes

Gifair is the innovation and sequel of the giant tech site which is globally recognized as the top tech publisher on social media. The aim behind to introduce the Gifair website is to provide the medium to the gadget lovers to buy the latest technology devices at one store. At Gifair, the shopper can view and place the order and receive their product at the doorstep.

Get Access This Exclusive Gifair Coupon- $15 Off Orders Over $150 + Free Shipping (Coupon: GF15OFF) was beginning as a social media channel which becomes the highest appreciated channel on the Facebook. After introducing the latest and trendy review of the gadgets, devices, and technology the Gigadgets back again with Gifair to not only provide the tech news but also to make such devices available for all users.

Gifair is integrated with the high-tech gadgets, coolest designed, enhanced with the smart application directly at your door! We know the followers of the Gigadgets are excited and happier by hearing this breaking beginning of the Gifair website. For all gadget lovers here is the brief information about the Gifair and the products which are high in trend along with their features, and promotion deals and offers.

GiFair Promotional Deals & Products Offer

Promotional deals, products, and offers are always searched by the users who are little savvy than other. For all such users, Gifair also back with their ongoing deals, flash sale, and discount on products. Gifair store is running their official page on a social platform like Facebook where they share the latest products and offers running on the specific products. While, there are other sources where shoppers can get Gifair promotion code, coupon codes, and other offers and deals easily. Have a look:

8% OFF on Order + Free Shipping  Here is the promotional deal for GiFair where 8% OFF on placing the order and get free delivery to your doorstep.
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10% OFF Ranvoo Leather Wireless Charging Pad— Buy Ranvoo Leather Wireless Charging Pad and save 10% on making the transaction online. The discount will credit to the account.
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These are some of the Gifair Coupons and deals offers which are currently active for the users. Everyone can grab this opportunity to save more money on buying a product from Gifair e-commerce website.

Without much ado let’s begins:

Begin with the main products and devices displayed by the Gifair for their shoppers which are highly placed and reviewed by the buyers. In fact, there are thousands of products which are unique and have their own specialty; therefore, we highlighted some of the top listed products of the Gifair site.

Have a Look!

Main Products Showcase by the Gifair:

1. Ztylus Revolver M Series Camera Kit for iPhone X

Production of Ztylus Innovation, the Ztylus Revolver M Series Camera Kit for iPhone X is an amazing device designed for the iPhone users who always looking to capture some perfect shot every time. Guys this M series camera kit is quick and easy to align, it’s highly adjustable and useful.


Easy and Quick Align with the iPhone X

The lens is easy to align on the camera and easy to stuff back in the kit. Along with other key features like magnetic connection, lighter stuff, a thinner integrated mechanism will wonder you while installing and capturing via new Revolver lens.

Say Goodbye! To Lens Cap

No more use of lens cap with Revolver Camera Kit, as the lens, is fully protected when they are not in use. The QuickFlip design of this device lets the lens to flip out and align smoothly with the lens of the phone. You can capture any shot within second by changing the lens with Quickflip technology anywhere any time.

Easily Compatible with other Accessories

Revolver Camera kit back is designed with metal stuff which makes it compatible with other accessories. You can place it on any magnetic device from the back while driving or performing any task. Even the manufacturers are working to make it more worth for the users.

Price: 47.99$

Overall Product Review

Ztylus Revolver M Series Camera Kit for iPhone X has gained the overall 5-star rating from the millions of users. They proudly shared their reviews and experience by using Revolver M Series Camera Kit. While some of the users rated 4–3 stars and reviewed the product to be more productive. As this gadget is designed, especially for the iPhone users and designers, work hard for it to maintain the standard. That’s why it 5-star rating graph is higher than another rating graph.

2. Personal Water Filter

One of the best inventions of human which is a boon for the people; who are surviving in the forest and not having proper water resources nearby. This amazing Lifestrpaw Personal Water Filter let you extract out the pure water from the impure water like running river, muddy water, standing water, easily. It’s globally tested and approved by the higher authorities. Across millions of orders are placed worldwide and people are using it and showing their gratitude by giving feedback on this product.


• It can filter 260 gallons or 1,000 Liters of water

• Easily vanished out 99.99999% bacteria and other micro-organisms

• Integrated by hollow fiber membrane filter

• No use of chemicals or bacteria

• Easy to carry anywhere

• Original Ultra-light backpack

• Long lifespan

• Best for travelers and trekkers

Price: 19 $ only

Overall Product Review

Lifestraw personal water filter is appreciated globally by everyone, whether they are a traveler, nomads, or any other person. The 5-star rating for this product is increasing day by day, and people are placing the order and share their experience by reviewing on the merchant site. It’s worth for everyone.

3. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Mpow 059 Bluetooth somewhere looks similar to Noontec Hammo Go. Both of the headphones showcase the two-tone color scheme and majestic finishing that make them classic but Mpow 059 have slightly large ear-cup then Hammo Go. Its wireless and easily controlled by the button on the right ear-cup of the headphones. Because of its stylish look, it’s more in demand and easily available at Gifair store.



As discussed earlier the look of Mpow 059, that have two-tone color scheme i.e. red and black. It’s available in more colors too. From a user point of view, it looks stylish while wearing over the ear which enhances the presence of the listener.


Mpow 059 is comfortable to wear over the ear and marked as better than Cowin E8. With well-padded ear cups, the headband doesn’t push much pressure on the head. However, the ear-cups are little in a shallow side and that’s why not stable on the larger head.


The wireless headphones are easily controlled by the buttons installed on the right ear-cup of the Mpow 059. The above-average control scheme gives the user to monitor all basic function easily.


These headphones are handy! All thanks to its foldable design which let the user fold it and backpack to anywhere. It’s not come with a case which somewhere disappoints the users.

Price: 33.99$

Overall Product Review

No doubt Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones are classic in look and have wireless feature. But somewhere it lacks and that’s why users rated it 3 stars mostly. Due to it designing, unstable on the large head, and not able to cancel the noise are some of the big issues listed by the users in reviews. While some are satisfied with this devices but the majority of the reviewers reviewed it not good.

4. Sports Collapsible Water Bottle

Sports Collapsible Silicon water bottle is here in the bucket of Gifair store which is highly ordered by the users. It’s perfect for the athlete, sports person, fitness freak, or even for everyone to hold a collapsible water bottle with them. This water bottle gets collapse half of its size and easier to place in the bag. Although, it makes you cool among the other people besides you while using this collapsible water bottle.


• Easy to fit in the bag

• Light weighted

• Collapse half of its size

• Safe and secure in high temperature

• Odor and taste free

• Available in various color

• Shockproof and Dishwasher free

Price: 17.95$

Overall Product Review

Sports Collapsible Water Bottle is amazing and ordered by millions of users who used it and share their experience. Out of 10 users, 9 users rated collapsible water bottle by 5 stars and said worth to buy. It can collapse half the size of its height and easily get placed in the bag. You can also buy this water bottle from Gifair and share your valuable review in the review section.

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