Any Q2 Bank can now “Turn-On” video & personalized digital greetings in their mobile banking app!

1 min readJun 15, 2022

Celebrating 🎉🎉 🎉 Vouchr’s launch on the Q2 App Store! The app enables all of Q2’s 20 million customers from over 450 banks and credit unions to send video ▶ and personalized digital greeting cards 💌 for any occasion, from anywhere within their banking app.

Any Q2 bank or credit union can now “Turn On” Hallmark-like functionality inside their mobile app

Any Q2 bank or credit union can “Turn-On” Hallmark-like functionality inside their mobile app for year-round engagement or to enable “gifts of cash” in their money transfer service by simply installing the app

Q2 banks can install the app here

The app lets a banking customers send a simple digital greeting or video greeting from the home screen or attach one to a money transfer to send a “gift of cash”. See the live demo:

Any Q2 bank can “turn on “ Hallmark-like digital greetings so customers can send gifts of cash or simply “just send a digital greeting from the banking app home screen

Build your own digital greeting site in a snap and sign up at or check us out at Send me a DM for any questions.




Vouchr lets you send gift cards inside a customized digital greeting card to match any program, brand or campaign. We also provide tools for personalization.