The New York Times is a very colorful and elaborate site that’s why I chose to write about this newspaper.

The New York Times to my mind certainly gives a quite clear idea that it is a serious broadsheet with a lot of analyses of dominant events throughout the world. But first of all it covers domestic news such as Trump’s victory and they present just oodles of features to this topic and afterwards they cover situation in Syria and President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal antidrug campaign in the Philippines, these are headlines that caught my eye in the first place. Moreover, it has a section with advice for better living, for example “Easy Soups You Can Make Tonight”, “Have Insomnia? Online Therapy Might Help” and so on.

There are different sections may be found in the electronic version of the newspaper, these are: the world news, U.S. news, Politics, N.Y. news, Business, Opinion section, Tech, Science, Health, Sports, Arts, Style, Food, Travel, Magazine, Real Estate and a lot more. It also has the weather forecast.

The web site offers to subscribe to it but I managed to surf the site easily without subscription. Everything was available. Probably they give limitations later.

I really enjoyed the electronic version. I used to have this newspaper subscription on my iPad and I can say that that was very convenient to read it there. The newspaper design is very laconic and minimalistic, though it has a huge display ads on the front page. I appreciate that the paper has an immense range of topics and a person does not have to pay a fee to use the full range of services at the site.

But personally, if I lived in the US, I would definitely read solely a published newspaper, because I am a tactile person, I like to touch the paper, to feel its smell, to enjoy it fully, so to say. The same with the books.

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