Many people think that emails don’t work, so you shouldn’t invest time and energy in them. However, I think that email marketing is the most efficient way to communicate with your audience and to sell products. In this article, I’ll try to explain how to build an effective email strategy. So, let’s go!

Marketing uses three types of emails: transactional emails, emails in follow-up sequences and broadcasts (newsletters).

Transactional emails (triggered emails) — any email that is triggered by a user’s interaction with a website/app. For example, when you register on the site — you receive an email with your…

Initially, I wanted to write only one publication which was supposed to concentrate on the rules of writing good press releases and communication with journalists. However, this would be only part of the overall PR strategy for online promotion. There are a number of areas that are no less important. In this article I will describe the main steps of comprehensive work on PR promotion on the Internet and what points you should pay special attention to.

Why do you need PR Promotion?

If you are not a politician or a famous brand you may ask the question — why…

This article will be useful for existing marketers and project managers, since I will not write about the basics of technology and marketing, but will focus more on the market and approaches in the development of crypto projects.

Short Market Overview

Situation in October: The market is still young, so many things are not regulated by the law. It is a subject of hype. As a result, the market value of a company can vary from 2 to 20 million dollars within a month. Of course, now is not January, with its 800+ billion dollar capitalization by сoinmarketcap, low regulation…

Vova Klykov

Digital Marketing Strategist

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