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Each year, fashion magazines and moguls declare the latest trends of the season. Sometimes it’s a very specific shade of lime green, other times it’s high-waisted jeans that couldn’t possibly go higher. But this year, the hottest fashion trends are a little different. It’s all about sustainability, size-inclusivity, and shopping locally. Whether you’re a designer in the fashion industry or a consumer looking to shop smart, Vower is here to break down these 3 trends and why everyone needs to start paying attention.


In 2020, sustainable fashion is no longer just an important step for individuals and companies to make a small dent on our global climate crisis. It’s quickly becoming a tremendous movement of fostering change in the fashion system towards responsible consumerism and environmental justice. Everything from using eco-friendly fibers to purchasing locally can greatly affect how sustainable your clothing or brand is. …

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Okay… so when Drizzy was dropping some of these bangers, he probably wasn’t really talking about some do-good civic engagement. But as our good man Plato once mentioned, “All learning has an emotional base.” And what gets us in our feelings more than the gushiness behind Come and See Me and Hold On, We’re Going Home? So let’s see what Sir Aubrey has to say about volunteering.

“We live in a generation of not being in love and not being together.”

(Song: ‘Doing It Wrong’)

Human beings are social creatures and rely on the behaviors of reciprocation and togetherness in order to truly thrive. …



We are a team that operates a two-sided marketplace, connecting skilled-volunteers to small businesses and organizations who need affordable, on-demand labor.

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