To Dream the Impossible Dream: Voxbone’s Journey Towards Global Communications

Streamlined global communications has long been a pipe dream for businesses



Uniform and flexible access

  • API and web portal access, giving them the highest level of flexibility in the way they integrate and automate voice and messaging services into their own comms structure
  • The ability to manage their comms needs in real-time (ordering new numbers, adjusting capacity, extending coverage to additional countries, etc.)
  • Elastic services that let their costs scale with their usage, plus full transparency into what they’re paying for and how costs have been calculated
  • A single contract that lets them set up services and products as they need them in the most agile way possible

The Voxbone journey: after many years of hard work we are close to achieving the impossible

The new face of Voxbone




CEO @voxbone. Making communications strangely simple

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Itay Rosenfeld

Itay Rosenfeld

CEO @voxbone. Making communications strangely simple

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