Andy Murray was left to consider a stunning misfortune against qualifier Vasek Pospisil on Saturday at the BNP Paribas Open, yet demands he doesn’t have a serve-and-volley issue.

After Mischa Zverev utilized that strategy to flawlessness in vanquishing the World №1 a month ago at the Australian Open, Pospisil used a similar procedure on Stadium 1 in Indian Wells. In any case, while Murray experienced difficulty with the Canadian’s hurries for the net, he said there were greater issues that he attempted to deal with all through the match.

“I have never truly worked on playing against serve-and-volleyers in my profession. Be that as it may, when I have come up against them, it’s ordinarily been an amusement style I have delighted in playing against,” said Murray. “Today it wasn’t so much the serve/volley that was the issue. It was my own particular serve, not getting enough open doors when he was serving. I feel that was increasingly the issue today.”

The Indian Wells swarm actually started to rally behind the qualifier in the second set as they detected the potential for a noteworthy surprise. The World №1 said the to a great extent ace Pospisil swarm didn’t shake him and that he was thankful they cheered for good tennis from both players.

“It was a better than average climate toward the end. It was basically a full group after the initial 15, 20 minutes, so it was a pleasant climate,” said Murray. “Particularly the way he was playing, I think the group like him. The person was being forceful and he turned out with some awesome shots too. So they truly got into it.”

Despite the fact that serve-and-volley players are less normal now in singles than in past eras, Murray said the Canadian demonstrated that the strategy isn’t a diminishing work of art.

“I don’t consider loads players are shown it now growing up. It’s not something that is polished a great deal. Be that as it may, if there are folks that do it from a youthful age, it’s certainly an amusement style that can be effective,” said Murray. “Clearly in specific conditions or court surfaces it’s less demanding to do it, as on grass and faster hard courts. In any case, there is no motivation behind why, on the off chance that you play that diversion style well, you can’t be powerful doing it at the highest point of the amusement.”