We have spoken on a couple of occasions about USB Killer. This pen-drive is capable of destroying any computer to which it is connected through the USB port. After an update it received in late 2015, now the new version comes more complete than ever and capable of destroying any mobile, including the iPhone.

The concept of USB killer memory is not something new. There is simply a company that is dedicated to marketing them as products. This company has now released the USB Killer version 3.0, which in addition to being able to load any computer as well as it also allows to destroy any mobile.

The USB Killer pen-drives have the appearance of a normal USB memory, but inside it has some capacitors that, once the USB is connected to the computer or mobile, are loaded. In a matter of seconds, the pendrive discharges an electric current of more than 1,000 volts in the device to which it is connected, frying the port to which it is connected 100% of the times, as well as the device to which it is connected 95% Of the time.

So, the fact is that there are devices like this and you should never connect to your computer a random USB or a USB stick that you find on the street. Not only because it can destroy your computer if it is a USB Killer, as it could be a normal pendrive that has been actually loaded with the virus or any type of malicious content.

Via TechViral