Brainstorming Digital Story

The option I chose for my digital story assignment was College, Self, & Community. I want to present a better understanding what it is like going through my first year of college as a first generation student and how my experiences will shape who I am as a person through college engagement and my educational interests. I know the first year of college may be tough for some people and I want to present ideas of how college engagement and your educational interests will help guide you through the year. I am currently planning on joining and intermural volleyball team which is a great way to make friends and be involved. I also plan on joining some student groups which will help my college evolve. In order to support my ideas, the information I am going to gather are interviews from first generation students who are involved in student groups and present the question “Why did you join this student group?” or “How has this student group made an impact on your college journey?”. Other information that I may gather is pictures throughout my first semester that show college engagements which then I am able to describe the outcome of the experience and what I took away from it. Some initial research questions that I have thought about is “What does it mean to be a first generation student and how does it relate to others who are similar, and also different?” or “What resources has helped the college journey path easier and how did it make it easier?”.