4 Must Try Brunch Spots in LA

When I travel abroad, one of the things I miss most about American culture is brunch. Everywhere I’ve lived in the US, brunch has been a huge part of the culture. LA, of course, is no exception. While the list of amazing brunch spots is never-ending, I’m going to share with you my go-tos for brunching in LA.

Photo courtesy of Finer Things LA

1. Best Deal: The Overland

  • The Overland is a small restaurant on a busy street in Culver City that you might not even recognize when you first drive by. Once you walk in you’ll feel energized by all the people inside having a good time.
  • Location: Culver City is one of my favorite areas in LA. If you’re looking for things to do in the area, check out my first Blue Wonder post on 3 Underrated and DOPE Areas in LA.
Photo courtesy of The Humor Columnist

2. Most Surprising: TART Restaurant

  • TART is a chic restaurant with an adorable, enclosed pool-side terrace. It’s part of Farmer’s Daughter Hotel.
Photo courtesy of Farmers Market LA
  • Location: TART is across the street from The Grove, walking distance to Fairfax District, and a very quick drive to the Beverly Center. This is definitely a popular area to hang out in LA whether you want to catch a movie, go shopping, or my personal favorite — people watch.
Photo courtesy of Yelp

3. Best Birthday Brunch: Blu Jam Café

  • Blu Jam Café looks low-key from the outside, but is actually a hot spot in LA. I go there because I love the food and the ambiance. I personally have never seen a famous person there but supposedly they eat here all the time.
Photo courtesy of LifeModKitten
  • Location: Blu Jam Café has a bunch of locations in the outskirts of LA and now
    Japan. We went to the location on Melrose because we love shopping on Melrose, hanging out, and — of course — people watching in this area.
Photo courtesy of Café de Olla Restaurant

4. Best Mexican [and American] Brunch: Café de Olla

  • Café de Olla is another tiny restaurant with a huge line always. Always. But whether you want a classic American breakfast or an authentic Mexican breakfast, it’s worth the wait. Trust me.
Photo courtesy of Café de Olla Restaurant
  • Location: Café de Olla is in Burbank. I’m one of those LA snobs that says since Burbank is the Valley, it’s not LA. But from hiking to dancing to restaurants, Burbank is really starting to grow on me. Even though it’s outside our city borders, it’s still in LA County, so it gets a pass.

It’s funny to how a lot of my favorite restaurants in LA are tiny little spots that I may not even notice on first glance but are bursting with energy on the inside. Once you walk in, each has such an inviting atmosphere, not to mention unique food offerings. So whether you want to sip champagne, drink Mexican coffee, take a dip in the pool, or indulge in birthday carbs, this list has you covered.

What’s your favorite place to brunch? Let us know! #BlueWonderBrunch

Taylor is the newest member of voyadi.com (formerly Blue Wonder Travel). She is a self proclaimed #BrunchConnoisseur who searches for unique brunch spots throughout LA and in all the other cities in which she’s lived. Learn more about her at taylordmills.com and contact her at taylor@banianlabs.com.

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*Local tourist — one who is not an LA native and wants to experience LA like a local. This blog is for you.

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