Melissa’s Interview

Question 1: What was your main motivation for applying to Voyager Consulting?

I knew Voyager as the fastest growing consulting organization on campus and wanted to work alongside the entrepreneurial folks driving this change. Ultimately, the VC team is who I stay for- smart, motivated, friends to vacation in Mexico with, and so diverse in ambition that I feel excited just imagining what everyone will be up to 10 years from now.

Question 2: What would you say has been the most important skill you have gained during your time in Voyager so far?

Cal abounds with opportunities for you to build problem-solving, data analysis, and presentation skills. But the most important thing that only Voyager offers is the rare chance to apply all of these skills to a real-world project at the Fortune 500 level. Besides challenging myself to conquer a steep learning curve when I dived into the tech industry, I gained a true understanding of the value of putting clients first. Developing this mindset of continually seeking ways to exceed client expectations helped me add significant value to my summer internship in finance and will certainly be a key driver of success in my future career regardless of the industry.

Question 3: What is the most memorable experience you had as a member of Voyager?

Presenting our final deliverable to senior managers at Box Headquarters and having a conversation with Aaron Levie, legendary Box founder and CEO, to explain the impact of our work right afterwards!

Question 4: How has the insight you have gained through projects changed your outlook on the technology industry as well as pursuing a career in business?

Working with Voyager has allowed me to pick some fantastic minds who share a passion for business strategy and tech. My biggest takeaway is that every product or service is not just the technology itself but the greater sum of team effort that goes into it. This has hugely impacted the way I view how my career fits within not just the tech industry but all fields of business. You are humbled and work harder knowing that the success of your business depends on you no matter how junior an analyst or consultant you are in your early career.

Question 5: What impact do you think you’ve had on clients in your role as a consultant?

Yes, I love getting questions from our clients beyond our deliverable because it reflects how our work has changed their thinking and made an impact. To see your work absorbed into an implementation pipeline or used as the foundation for a new initiative is incredibly rewarding. Voyager is a big believer in feedback- clients appreciate us for always finding ways to do better, leading to long-term impact through partnerships beyond individual projects.

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