Robbie’s Interview

Educational Background:

College: Boston University (2011–2013)

UC Berkeley (2014-Present)

BA, Economics

Question 1: What was your main motivation for applying to Voyager Consulting?

I wanted to learn more about consulting, the technology industry, as well as gain skill sets (i.e. in Microsoft Office Suite, etc.) in areas that I hadn’t had too much experience in before. I also wanted to join for the social aspect of Voyager.

Question 2: What would you say has been the most important skill you have gained during your time in Voyager so far?

The most important skill I’ve learned is being able to create a vision to solve a client’s problem. When a client has a particular issue that they want resolved, there are most likely multiple ways in which we as the consultants can go about recommending solutions. Voyager has taught me how to digest the problem at hand, think of what data/methods I can use to solve this problem, and then go out and actively perform this research and collect the relevant data to drive a solution to the client’s needs. In simple terms, Voyager has given me great insight into the consulting process.

Yes, Voyager has definitely prepared me for my career beyond college. The process of working on consulting projects is applicable to many fields beyond just consulting. Thinking critical is an applicable quality in any profession.

Question 3: What is the most memorable experience you had as a member of Voyager?

Presenting my team’s deliverable to in front of 15+ members of Twitch’s sales team. It was a rush and it felt great to see their reaction to the advice we had to give.

Question 4: How has the insight you have gained through projects changed your outlook on the technology industry as well as pursuing a career in business?

The insight I’ve gained has changed my outlook by teaching me that the process of implementing great technology goes far beyond the efforts of those who develop the specific technology. In my opinion, for technology to be most efficiently used, it needs outside perspective in its development and implementation. This outside perspective can help solve problems that face the technology that many times the creators of the technology cannot solve themselves.

My role in technology has been that of the outside perspective, as mentioned above. Though I am not the one actually developing the technology, I’ve been placed in a role that brings the technology to its full potential. My role within Voyager has definitely shaped my thinking about a business career as I find the opportunity to help businesses grow to reach their full potential both challenging and rewarding.

Question 5: What impact do you think you’ve had on clients in your role as a consultant?

Without a doubt. As a college student, we come into projects with these Fortune 500 companies with a different perspective and hunger then the for-profit, BCGs, McKinseys, and Bains of the world. The fact we come into these projects with a different perspective results in unique strategies that can really only be developed from consultants of our age demographic as well as fresh academic mindset. For example, faced the problem of optimizing their advertising space on their online streaming platform. Who better to understand and provide a solution to this problem than consultants who are within the age bracket of’s most common users? Furthermore, our minds are fresh and full of a diverse load of coursework, ranging from engineering and computer science to economics. If you put such a diverse group of minds together from one of the world’s top universities, there’s little that can stump us.

A second reason that I believe we’ve made such an outstanding impact is that we are hungry to prove ourselves. We have no monetary incentive for taking on these projects. Our drive comes from our inner ambition to learn and drive solutions for our clients. Since every member of Voyager is doing this on their own time despite having busy schedules, I believe we’ve been able to pick out the right people for our club which is evidenced in our club’s output.

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