Sumedh’s Interview

Educational Background:

High School: Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, CA

College: UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Question 1: What was your main motivation for applying to Voyager Consulting?

As an EECS major, my classes have given me an immense amount of knowledge on how to build an app, website, or any piece of software really. But what I believe many people forget is that it’s one thing to have a great idea but a completely different thing to prove to another person that your idea is great. Unless you know how to market your technology, I feel that it’s really hard to be successful with it. That’s why I wanted to join Voyager. I had seen the tech world from the programming side of things and I wanted to see what the marketing aspect of it looked like.

Question 2: What would you say has been the most important skill you have gained during your time in Voyager so far?

Finding the right solutions. I feel like what differentiates a good consultant from a bad one is finding the right solutions to a client’s problem. When a client comes to us with the challenges they are facing, there are numerous ways to go about alleviating them but there are definitely some ways that are better than others. Everyone can search on Google and do research. It’s that ability to be able to look at market trends, focus groups, case studies, etc. and create a comprehensive narrative out of that raw data that provides quality and highly applicable recommendations for the client that makes a consultant stand out. During my time here, I feel like I’ve definitely become much more adept at wielding this skills by learning from my peer members as well as simply talking and conversing with industry professionals. As a programmer, this ability to be able to seek out what the best and most efficient way to solve a given problem is absolutely invaluable and I consider it to be a great addition to my repertoire of tools moving forward in my life.

Question 3: What is the most memorable experience you had as a member of Voyager?

After weeks of toiling on our deliverable with my amazing team, when we finally presented our findings at the Twitch HQ, the rush of exhilaration, nervousness, happiness, and success was almost too much. Also, just FYI Twitch has one dope HQ. Fallout 3 life-size statues and Half Life 2 gravity gun, I’m looking at you.

Oh and also, retreat. As Matt said, what happens at retreat, stays at retreat.

Question 4: How has the insight you have gained through projects changed your outlook on the technology industry as well as pursuing a career in business?

Voyager has given me a chance to look at the human side of technology. At the end of the day, tech products are meant to make the lives of us, humans, better and it is oft the case when I’m programming something, I tend to forget that in the pursuit of realizing my idea. Working with my team on understanding what the audience wants from a product such as has helped me understand what people look for in their tech and what makes for a great execution of an idea versus a poor one.

Question 5: What impact do you think you’ve had on clients in your role as a consultant?

Absolutely. As students of such a diverse university such as UC Berkeley, we are given a chance to enter the marketing world with an incredible amount of ideas and knowledge that we gain everyday by being a part of as varied an ecosystem as this university. The ideas of professional firms far differ from those that we will come up simply because they live in a very different world of academia from us. Especially when clients are looking to break into the college demographic, who better to ask but college students?

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