Our Voyage — Download Voyagr on App Store Now! Explore your world

Over 3 years ago we came up with an app idea which is now officially out in the App Store: Download here now https://appsto.re/us/hgo3kb.i or search keyword ‘Voyagr’

What is Voyagr?

Voyagr helps people discover, explore and share their world. On Voyagr, users follow experiences aka Voyages.

What is a Voyage?

A Voyage is a collection of images, videos, and content related to a shared experience. It captures content from multiple users in a single location to create a multi-perspective collage that others can join or follow.

How should I use Voyagr?

Voyagr is a platform created for an optimal user experience, promotes collaborative engagement, and encourages getting out and seeing the world. How you use it is up to you!

This is the start of our voyage. Getting an app out took a lot of effort and here is a look back at the process:

Our brainstorming designs and notes over a few years
Our first web app and MVP tested with friends and family in 2014–2015
Variations of Voyagr designs from logo to web app to Wireframes from 2014

Stay tuned as we will be sharing more posts on how to use Voyagr, our personal stories and featured voyages, as well as what’s next.

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~ Team Voyagr