Holy Grail of zsh performance

I have been using zsh for a couple of years and all start when I came across the amazing article ”Master Your Z Shell with These Outrageously Useful Tips" . The article tell us about how amazing zsh is and how easy it is using it by simply cloning oh-my-zsh repository and linking some files to your $HOME dir. So then I sarted my journey with oh-my-zsh.

After many many hacks my code was pretty cool with many features but the probrlem was performance. So then I started making some research on google to figure out some ideas.

In my research I have found some words like: compinit, autoload, zcompile and zcompare.

zcompile + zcompare

The solution is using zcompile module autoload -Uz zcompile , so then you can precopile every .zsh file you have and test if the non compiled version of each zsh file is newer than the compiled one, recompiling if needed.

zcompare source code, it actually should be placed on our .zlogin file:

This articule is ment to be more complete. Your coments and tips, including English, because I am a Brazilian guy how loves Englis, you be very welcomed.

Special thanks for Quincy Larson who showed us how to enbed git code on our Medium articls.

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