Wear Pretty Anklets and Let your Feet Flaunt and Sparkle in Style

Wearing anklets is the easiest way to make your feet look stylish and elegant. Right from ramps to movies, designers are making this jewellery piece an integral part of outfits. But, do you actually know what this beautiful ornament signifies? Have a look by reading the article below.

Anklets Jewellery

Women like to be dressed perfectly all the time. Be it a regular office day, special occasion, festival or party, she adorns herself with the right amount of jewellery to look stylish and pretty. However, a few ladies out there will disagree with my thoughts. Some women feel uncomfortable with so many ornaments and so choose to be laden with only minimal pieces. For them, anklets work just perfectly as they lend an elegant yet fashionable look to the wearer. Most of the anklets are made of metal and therefore a bit flashy. So for a casual look, ladies can opt for leather anklets.

Leather anklets for woman can be a great option for a more casual person, who doesn’t like flashy jewellery. However, such pieces go well with western outfits only, be it your jeans, skirt or shorts. A perfect addition to a summer dress, it is not necessary to search a lot for that particular anklet in the market. The best thing with these leather anklets is that you can easily customize your own piece. Either weave beads of multiple colors into the ends or scribble your name into the leather itself. This way, a new version of anklets exhibiting your vision will make a place in your jewellery box. You can choose to go with a thicker or thinner design, depending on what you want.

However, before you step into the market to shop for anklets, do you know how the tradition of wearing anklets actually started. Lets’ have a deep look into it.

Significance of Wearing Anklets

Since ancient times, anklets have been worn by ladies of India, Egypt and Arab countries. They were mainly made in silver and gold & have their own special meanings and beliefs. In India, only married woman and young girls were allowed to adorn their feet with anklets. Widows were not permitted to do so. The tinkling sound produced by these anklets was used to ward off insects when working on the field. Anklets were also an indication of good luck and fortune. While anklets made of precious metals and stones were worn by rich and considered the symbol of status and wealth.

However, the trend of anklets caught the attention of western people much later. Until the early 20th century, anklets were not known to the fashion industries of western countries. Besides, they do not hold any meaning for them and are worn only for fashion & to achieve a funky look. Time has changed and anklets are merely considered as a piece of jewellery with not many beliefs associated with it.

The increasing popularity of anklets among women has made every store, whether online or offline to sell anklets with striking designs. Anklets for woman are available in a variety of designs, patterns, colors and styles. Choose a fashion anklet, if you are low in budget. Anklets made with precious stones and metals are great to pair with a designer outfit.

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