Wearing Your Studs Right

Stud earrings are the smallest and the subtlest forms of earrings that are just enough to fit right over the holes of your pierced ears. There is a variety of studs that are available in the market, from diamonds, sterling silver, and gold to plastic pieces and costume jewelry. You can buy black earrings and a set of basic pearls to go with almost all outfits. These are also the must haves in your jewelry box.


How To Wear Stud Earrings?

  • Wear large stud earrings for special events like a dance or reception. They look great with off-shoulder or strappy dresses. For a complete look, tie your hair up into an elegant bun so that the earrings are visible among the little strands of hair around your ears.
  • Wear smaller and cheap studs earrings with casual outfits such as leggings and boots, which can be enhanced by pulling up your hair into a simple ponytail of messy bun.
  • Wear silver or gold studs of any size with semi-casual outfits like jeans. You can complete the look with sneakers and open ear-tucked hair.
  • Buy black earrings or the usual white pearl studs for very formal events like weddings. This is another case when you can do a neat hair-do to make the earrings visible.
  • Wear coloured plastic studs or funky-shaped earrings are best when coordinated with a fun and casual outfit. You can coordinate the color of your earrings with a necklace, headband, bracelet, or shoes.

Keeping Up With The Trend


Celebrities and fashion bloggers have all been devoted to a new edgy look as of late, and it’s easy to see why. A smattering of Multiple-Earring looks pretty and elegant. A bold statement earring paired along with a few little studs to complement each other look simply stunning. While it may look a bit complicated, the secret to mixing studs and tops is rather simple — anything goes, as long as it looks uncluttered and interconnected. So, mixed metals and differently shaped stones definite do, but keep them within a similar family like an ear full of delicate diamonds and hoops or a modern statement earring with a couple of minimalistic studs.

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