Top Recommended Announces Top Performers for the week of November 16, 2014.

Nels Cephas a web site that accepts nominees from your top professionals, worldwide, is very happy to announce the selected top performers for that week of November 16, 2014.

Tampa, FL, USA — November 17, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ -

TRP recognizes Nels C being a top professional in social internet marketing.

�Placing yourself in the authoritative position is critical in relation to boosting your overall value on your audience.� To learn more in order to contact Nels C visit

TRP recognizes Dr. David E. Hargroder, author of Weight problems are Not a Character Flaw, being a top professional in weight loss.

�Winning the extra weight loss battle forever was in easy reach. You just have to be prepared to look at first step.�

To find out more as well as to contact Dr. David E. Hargroder visit

TRP recognizes Michelle Mullen as a top professional operational growth and media authority.

�Positioning yourself with authority and a good reputation within your marketplace is it is important you can do to allow you to your best option over the competition.�

To find out more as well as to contact Michelle visit

TRP recognizes Mel McGinley as a top professional in ghostwriting and publishing.

�The best business card will be your own book. It builds your credibility, raises your profile and instantly enables you to more marketable. A magazine leaves a long lasting impression on your own prospective clients. It builds your brand, conveys expert status and makes people wish to hire you.�

To find out more or contact Mel visit

TRP recognizes Timothy M. Walker like a top professional in outdoor and indoor quality of air consulting.

�If everyone would cut back indoor pathogens, particulates, destroy germs, viruses and bacteria, and vehicle emission by 33%, these would be a possibility: 33% less asthma; 33% less babies with birth defects; 33% a reduced amount of young families which can be infertile; 33% less absenteeism; 33% more productivity.�

For more info or to contact Timothy visit

TRP recognizes Chad Eljisr being a top professional in the news strategy and consulting.

�In the newest economy personal branding as well as a strong social media presence are the most important elements to be out and crush your competition. Be described as a superstar with your specific market to see the business will thrive!�

To find out more or contact Chad visit

TRP recognizes Luke Adams as a top professional in marketing consulting.

�Most coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers, therapists and smaller businesses, really have a problem with the �client acquisition� thing, getting caught up. I solve this by helping such businesses to simply have more customers after which turn the opportunity customers into happy paying clients.�

To find out more or to contact Luke visit

TRP recognizes Business Performance Coaching being a top professional in small business performance consulting.

�Just our businesses, RBT Gyms has grown from the vision & today it is just a global brand with 6 gyms in 3 countries. This growth is no accident & can be replicated. The secrets? Focus, Simplicity & ACTION. We will take the business from your job, to offering you the liberty to reside in your perfect life.�

For more information as well as to contact Business Performance Coaching visit

TRP recognizes Advanced Hypnosis Counseling, LLC. as being a top professional in hypnosis.

�Your depths of the mind is the magic genie, it’ll always do what you would like and won’t argue together with you. If you desire to eliminate a bad behavior, begin to make use of unconscious mind by planting new behaviors for health insurance well-being. Your unconscious mind can make it happen.�

For more info in order to contact Advanced Hypnosis Counseling, LLC. visit

TRP recognizes Joseph Stacy, Jr., CEO Incndescent, Inc., as a top professional in management and HR consulting.

Gallup�s new study implies that only 13% of workers are engaged at the office, costing US business over $300B annually. �The carrot-and-stick way of Modern day jobs are inadequate,� said Incndescent CEO Joseph Stacy, Jr. �DRIVE could be the needed upgrade to your current motivation and engagement system.�

For more info in order to contact Joseph visit

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