The user-centred design process consists of roughly the following stages:

Requirements gathering

This involves finding a problem domain in which a user group has some unmet need, conducting competitor analysis to determine what current solutions exist and in what ways they are deficient, and gathering research data from users about the problem…

In 2012–2014, I published two short gamebook stories in a Bulgarian serial under the penname Peter Vale. This post is about one aspect of that work.

My first published gamebook story was titled Cordoba’s Skies Glow Red (Зарево над Кордоба). I had grown up with a slew of medieval fantasy…

About 10 years ago, a friend gave me a Kodak Brownie SIX-20 camera to play with. It is a fascinating piece of technology, especially with the utter binary simplicity of its controls.

The Brownie SIX-20 was a mass market, inexpensive, point-and-shoot camera manufactured by Kodak from 1946 to 1952. It…

Velian Pandeliev

I am a UX professional, a trained qualitative researcher, and a seasoned lecturer in HCI and computer science.

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