How Do You Save Android Contacts As HTML Files?

Hi, android phone users, do you know how to save Android phone contacts as an HTML file so that you can view and manage Android contacts on computer? Many of you would ask, why would I backup them as HTML file? For some people, it would be convenient to view them when the contacts are saved as HTML files. Would you backup them regularly? If you often backup the contacts or text messages from your smartphone, which way would be your choice? And with data backup tools, you can also backup the data, Titanium backup or Helium backup are often the choices. But, here I would use this tool to keep my sms in pc, what’s more, I can even save them as HTML file. Follow me if you are interested in, let’s check out the usage of a backup tool, MobiKin Assistant for Android.

How to Save Android Contacts As An HTML File?

Step 1. Connect their Android phone to their laptop or desktop computer

Step 2. Go to the Contacts managing window

Step 3. Save Android contacts as HTML