The night was freezing and the air was thick. I was alone, and confused. Blood and body parts, everywhere. Everyone died. I was left. Just me and somebody parts. What had caused such damage to so many people? The ship creaked in every movement, suddenly my friend appeared, but you could see through him. His teeth were big and sharp as a shark’s teeth. His eyes were so black you could see no white. They looked just like the eyes of Coraline the girl transformed into a doll. His eyes looking straight at me. Blood all over him.

We were at the bottom of the ship around midnight. I was a slave and my name was Ginado Nthanda. Right now was the only time for our only escape. To be free. Three slaves and I went on deck trying not to wake up the White Spirits, for us to get weapons. “Let’s go” I said has quiet as a ninja.

Nodding my friends followed quietly. Every step we took we would creak, the ship was old, it was about 17 years old, her name was “Isabelle”. If the White Spirits caught us we would be dead or even worse, flogged very brutally. They were armed and we weren’t.

Around 25 minutes passed, we saw one of our slaves had disappeared. Then 20 minutes we didn’t see the other slave. Now there were 2 of us left. Not knowing what to do we continued looking around for weapons.

“What do you think happened?” The last slave asked breaking the silence.

“I don’t know” I replied. So we decided to spill up to not get each more scared.

“AHHHH!!” the silence broke. I turned as white as the whitest snow. I ran. Ran as fast as I could.

“OMG! There they are!” I roared, without thinking if the White Spirits were there.

We found their bodies dead, both of them dead. Our friends dead. Then I realized that maybe the Whites were really there.

“Let’s go!” Without thinking I yelled.

We ran. Both of us. To the bottom of the ship. We found everyone else dead. The smell could almost kill you most of the slaves even died from it or got very sick. But this wasn’t the smell they were slaughtered. Someone did it. But who??

“AHH!!” HELP ME!!”

It was my friend being dragged off the boat. I stood there in terror so scared, I was like a statue. Moments later, I sat down. Nothing was left, I could do nothing. I felt alone with no one around.


I stood up as fast I could, feeling like The Flash for a second.

“W-who is there? Come out?” I said standing like a statue.

They said nothing only silence that when I heard it a slimy, slithery sound behind.
That’s when I saw it. Creatures. Many of them. Their bloody hands formed like human hands but an extra finger. The body shaped like half-dog and half-fish. The tail big as a human head. But the scariest was their eyes.

They were so dark and so black you wouldn’t ever be able to find the whiteness. But they were doing something. They were taking the bodies.

“Hey!! Stop!!”

For a second I was wondering who was screaming, then I realized it was me. I was screaming. I was pulling one the of the bodies from the creature. I started to wobble and fell to the ground. The creature ate the entire body in 7 bites. Right when it was about to lunge at me something pulled it away. It dragged it all the way down to the spark cold blue liquid we call water. The sound. So, horrifying. Sounded worse than your worst nightmare.

That’s when I saw it. My friend it was the one who was dragged down the ship.

“What happened to you?” I said trembling

“I am here to finish my job. You’re the last!” He said.

“But why?” I asked.

“Why? I was treated badly and I wasn’t even a slave!” he said

“They took the love of my life! We had the best thing going on! We would compete for things, anything mostly! I miss her and now can’t live without her! I can’t have her back in my life then no one else has the right to have the life I was supposed to have.”

He said crying, or I thought it was tears. All I saw was black goo falling down his dark creepy eyes. But it was true people with futures were killed or put to be slaves. I was one of them. He was crying I saw a sharp stick. If I could able to throw it, but that’s when I realized that if I threw it either way I would never escape because it would go through. I was so focus on what to do he realized what I was planning to do. He grabbed the stick so fast and all I remember was falling to the ground almost to my last breath and before I would die, I wished for a girl to be the love of my life when I was sent away to the clouds.