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Prolog :

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never break me.”

But the reality is, words can break.

Words can break teams.

Words can break confidence.

Words can break morale.

A single phrase can have more impact than one may think.


“It’s their job…”

“I promise…”

“I didn’t test, but I am sure…”

And the famous: “I assume…”

These are common phrases that we use everyday that can raise immediate red flags, especially in a fast-paced and development-focused work setting. These “It Depend” phrases can weaken the progress of any project, riddling it with many…

Vadim Pinskiy

Vadim Pinskiy is Vice President of R&D at Nanotronics. He is interested in bringing innovative solutions to complex robotic and data problems.

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