EUR 50 Million to the first 2000 Startup signups, 25 000 EUR value each!

VP Ledger
VP Ledger
Nov 15, 2019 · 3 min read

Up to 2,000 startups attending the global tech conference WebSummit in Lisbon was eligible to claim 25,000 SaaS Vimple tokens each, enabling them to access diverse functionality on the new VPLedger DLT blockchain platform. Offer is now released for the world to enjoy!

As Web Summit, one of the largest and most prestigious web conferences in the world concluded its 2019 timetable, experts were asking ‘What next?’ for the future of the internet. When the industry met in Lisbon last week to discuss new trends and technologies, from 5G and IoT to drone deliveries and AI, a new DLT framework emerged, prepared to back the 2,000+ startups attending the conference with EUR 50 million in digital value.

Blockchain for business

Every company understands the importance of keeping overheads low and leveraging an infrastructure in which as many basic operations as possible are streamlined and automated.

VPLedger was built from the ground up for this purpose. As a first-of-its-kind blockchain for global SMEs, the platform takes an ‘enterprise first’ approach to every aspect of development — from technology and network architecture to KYC and compliance — addressing the most serious barriers to DLT adoption by businesses.

OpenLedger ApS, the Danish company in charge of developing VPLedger, with CEO Ronny Boesing as lead was offering every startup attending Web Summit 2019 a EUR 25,000 package of products and services on the new blockchain platform. It was, however, intended, as an ongoing offer until the 2000 goal has been achieved, and is therefore introduced to the world as of today!

OpenLedger was also announcing at WebSummit the integration of RPA Robotic Process Automation on VPLedger, a world first that will enable future users of the framework to enjoy unprecedented levels of process automation, immutability, scalability and compliance. Check out article released earlier today!

Register to claim your tokens

Any company that would like to take advantage of this offer will need to register on the platform, purchasing the necessary amount of Vimple SaaS tokens to access the MVP, and accept that full AML/KYB will be required for mainnet use. Upon launch of the full blockchain platform in January 2020, 25,000 Vimples will be credited to each participating account.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in joining VPLedger as a co-founder or becoming a seed investor in OpenLedger ApS, please get in touch with Ronny Boesing via his LinkedIn profile.

You can learn more about the platform on the VPLedger website.

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About OpenLedger:

OpenLedger with its team of more than 50 IT professionals located in Europe, helps transform your business with blockchain on the base of expertise, flexibility, agnostic approach and scalable tech.

The core business of OpenLedger ( is custom blockchain development for businesses, using both business and technical expertise to match strategic organizational goals with the appropriate blockchain tools and processes. The company also pursues its own blockchain projects, and collaborates with other businesses to create new products and services, including advisory roles.

One of its leading products with focus on supplychain and logistics is, introduced recently in Dubai on numerous occasions as part of the partnership with Etisalat.

Most recently, the company has created the VPLedger protective blockchain, designed to offer stability, security, ease of use, speed and regulatory compliance to a global business user base. Built on Graphene 3.0 and utilizing an entirely new consensus algorithm intended to maximize internal democracy without sacrificing the stability of the system, VPLedger will offer its users technical and legal protections while they carry out their business on the blockchain. (

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