VPLedger: MVP functionality, timeline and membership benefits

VP Ledger
VP Ledger
Oct 29, 2019 · 4 min read

VPLedger is now available in Alpha, allowing anyone to create an account and try out the platform. Those who take advantage of the limited offer of Lifetime Membership can start lining up passive income straight away, by referring new users to the VPLedger MVP itself ahead of mainnet launch.

VPLedger, our new blockchain platform for SMEs, has now launched in Alpha. Over the next few months we will be building out and testing the features we have developed, ensuring the network and its functionality are robust and secure.

At this point, we would like to invite everyone to help test VPLedger. Everyone who registers will have access to the platform’s basic MVP functionality — and experienced users will be able to try out more advanced features. Additionally, there is the opportunity to sign up for Lifetime Membership. This offers significant benefits over ‘Pay As You Go’ use, and will only be available until full launch in January 2020. Lifetime Members can start referring new users to the MVP immediately, via affiliate links.

In the rest of this article, we sketch out what functionality will be available at this point, and how we’ll manage the transition to our beta early next year.

Early Access

All users will be able to use the Alpha version of the platform for free. MVP functionality will give users the ability to conduct standard blockchain operations — sending, receiving and storing Vimples securely — as well as more advanced features such as:

  • Smart contracts
  • Ethereum-based Virtual Machine
  • Decentralised applications (dApps) creation on the blockchain
  • API access
  • Token creation and management

User experience and UI functionality

To access the MVP, users only need to register with the following information:

  • Account name
  • Email address
  • Mnemonic seed or ‘brainwallet’

Ultimately, users who wish to access the full platform will need to undergo KYC; this is an important step towards maintaining compliance as a default stance, and instilling confidence in the platform by business users. However, KYC is not required for MVP users, and will be carried out via partnerships with approved third parties once we launch mainnet.

Early users will have access to a basic desktop wallet that displays their balance (with a list of different tokens held), allows them to send and receive tokens, and shows their transaction history. VPLedger adopts a ‘one account, one wallet’ model. Unlike open blockchains, it is not possible to create an unlimited number of anonymous new addresses.

Start making referrals and lining up passive income immediately!

Early Access users who register before the end of the year have a unique opportunity to upgrade to Lifetime Membership — a subscription that will not be available once the platform moves into beta.

Lifetime Membership offers significant benefits, including an 60% reduction in your own transaction fees on the platform, and ongoing revenues from transactions made by users you refer to VPLedger. This represents a very attractive form of permanent passive income, for a one-off charge.

Lifetime Members can start building passive income straight away, by referring new users to the VPLedger MVP. Once mainnet launches and these users complete KYC, you will receive 60% of all the fees paid on transactions made by your referrals!

Functionality for the Referral program will be available within the UI for VPLedger’s MVP:

  • Buy Lifetime Membership
  • Create Referral link

You can find out how to purchase Lifetime Membership here.

For developers

Finally, for experienced users, the MVP will offer further console functionality. This will include:

  • Creating assets
  • Creating multisignature accounts
  • Uploading smart contracts
  • Create decentralised applications (dApps) on the blockchain

We are keen for as many developers as possible to test the platform and start building applications, ready for mainnet launch!

What happens when the beta platform launches?

The purpose of the MVP is to allow early users to test out VPLedger, and for Lifetime Members to refer new users to the Alpha platform and help build our user base. Once mainnet launches next year, additional functionality will be available.

All users who purchased Lifetime Membership will automatically have their accounts activated on the platform. All referrals will also be carried across automatically, and will receive an invitation to complete registration via the email address they submitted when they created their account on the MVP. As soon as these users undergo KYC, the Lifetime Members who referred them will start to receive revenues from the fees paid on all their transactions.

For more information about VPLedger, see www.VPLedger.com.

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