Newly Announced VMware Hybrid Cloud Service Offerings

Over the years, businesses have been seeking out flexible and readily adaptable IT framework and services that may respond to the increasingly changing business environment and can grow as the business grows with least or no trouble at all. These businesses are of course entering new markets and thus, as per their new products and services, the requirement is to ensure maximum security and appropriate compliance.

To respond to such business challenges, cloud computing and IT as a service has been enhanced in scope as well as broadened in terms of its offerings. The same goes for public cloud services because of the promise of cost effective IT resources that it offers.

The Challenge

One of the main challenges is to move the workloads from the existing networks and the onsite data centers. The process is expensive, complex, time-consuming and challenging when it comes to transferring the data to cloud services offsite.

Usually, this challenge is responded by a time-consuming process of rewriting the applications so that they may be later ported to the cloud or modifying it per se. Eventually, when the entire set of changes is done, then the business teams and IT personnel can work on individual providers of the service.

The New VMware Cloud Services

The recent announcement of the launch of a bunch of products and services by VMware has come as a great news and speaks volumes of how VMware is transforming the way we see and manage hybrid environments. This launch was done to respond to the majority of the enterprise companies that rely on both on-prem and public cloud to keep their data safe and secure.

The new VMware Hybrid Cloud service offerings involve strategies that combine a mix of the two models to facilitate business to manage their cloud world.

Responding to the Challenge

VMware is seen as a company that brought the idea of the virtual machine to the world of enterprises. And thus, it is the company that has joined hands with the technology giants to introduce VMware Cloud Services that will solve problems of security, networking, and more so challenges of policy managements, which pertains across environments.

The new generation of the VMware hybrid cloud services does not merely extend your data to the cloud but it also gives you control over its security features. More so, it is convenient to deploy and manage without any complexity between the onsite and offsite data centers and applications. In the long run, it meets your business needs, which is everything that an enterprise is looking for.

It enables the business to maintain the highest levels of performance and service standards and control along with giving them full control over their data without compromising anything. This also makes the whole process agile and makes the businesses invest more on what their core functions are rather than fretting over technology issues that are dealt very seamlessly by the VMware cloud services.

About The Author:

VPLS has been the first VMware certified service providers to achieve vCloud Powered status for enabling both Public and VMware Hybrid Cloud services.

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