Reliable Offsite Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Recovery

Most companies are expanding every day in terms of customer acquisition and this has a direct relation to the amount of corporate information they need to secure. They have to deal with the daring truth that without the data, they are not doing any business. This is why every organization needs to have a steadfast means to store and safeguard their valuable business data. Over the past decade, Cloud Connect services have become sophisticated to provide backup, restore and recovery options that are secure, reliable and cost effective. With a Cloud backup, you stand a chance to benefit from:

Reduced costs of ownership

Cloud backup, restore and recovery solutions utilize the already existing infrastructure you have in place, hence you won’t be buying and making installation of costly equipment. A cloud connect Veeam software will integrate with your IT environments to find and prioritize your data for backup. It will then initiate a secure transmission of encrypted copies of your data to an offsite data center. This will certainly reduce your total cost of ownership as compared to the costs of buying and maintaining the complex backup systems for your firm.

Improved recovery speeds and reliability

To have a backup solution in place is not sufficient enough if you do not have a quick and reliable means of recovering and restoring your data. Veeam Cloud backup and recovery solutions make it easier to instantly restore the data independent of your location. With reliable Veeam cloud backup providers, you can easily achieve recovery time objectives as well as recovery point objectives which match your requirements.

Most secure file transfer

Once the data selected for backup is prepared for transmission to secure vaults, it is encrypted for transfer and remain encrypted in data centers. The decryption key remains safely with you and this surpasses in-house backup and recovery systems.

What you get with Veeam Cloud Connect

For corporates that implement Veeam software in their premises, their problems have been much more disintegrated to insignificant levels, owing it to the range of benefits that Veeam Cloud Connect delivers. Long gone is the need for VPN tunnels as Veeam Cloud Connect provide secured backup channels to the Cloud using an AES 256 bit encryption. As a customer to Veeam cloud backup providers, you will be provided with a repository to the Cloud to send your data backups and have a full access into the job task status of the backup process. You will be able to initiate restores and view the storage quota as well. It is that advantageous, you have the complete control of your data it’s only that it is securely stored for you.

Veeam backup and replication enterprise clienteles have the capacity to grab the advantage that WAN acceleration technology has to offer to reduce the backup and bandwidth times. With WAN acceleration, it is possible to have up 50 times faster replication and reduce bandwidth consumption up to 20 times faster. The latest release of Veeam Availability Suite v9 has quite a number of excellent features that customers can benefit from, including Veeam BitLocker, SnapVault, on-demand sandbox for snapshot storage, Veeam Explorer and more.

About Veeam Backup

Veeam Backup and replication enterprise clienteles have the capacity to grab the advantage that WAN acceleration technology has to offer to reduce the backup and bandwidth times.

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