What is cloud connect

Cloud connect is a free cloud computing especially for windows which can store, synchronize any spreadsheet, excel, document and PowerPoint presentation to Google document. The main advantage of Google doc it automatically updates itself each time a document is saved also any Microsoft document can be edited whether online or offline. For the offline document they are mostly synchronized later when online. More than one user can work on the same document simultaneously or document secured for private use by one user.

Component of cloud connect

One must install a set of package forconfigured hybrid inyour office this include Skype for business online services.An edge component,centre management store and mediation component are the main components of cloud connect. A domain control will also help in internal operation of cloud connector.

Edge component will communicate between the on premises topology and online service with the help of media relay which provides routing of the media between mediation component and other endpoints and access edge which provide routing between Skype for business online and on premises deployment.

Outbound routing this provides routing to gateways on the basic of policies.

Domain controller it helps directory domain services in storage of all over the world setting.

The main requirement for cloud connect

A local server administrator, the administrator should have permission to install and configure hyper-v on the host servers. Also create a domain administrator who will have permission to generate and publish the topology in the cloud connector domain.

Depending on your preference a smaller version should support minimum of 50 simultaneous calls. This should include a qualified gateway.

One should have different machine for different work. For virtual machines images will be converted for virtual machines that will be able to run skype for business cloud connector. For host machine cloud connectors should deploy hardware running windows which enable hyber-v


Today most of the organizations are already in the cloud or they are still investigating the best migrationstrategy for their organization. There are main reasons why organization today prefer use of cloud connect version. This include increased agility this is the act of being able to rapidly iterate and release bug fixes and features to improve the efficiencies of the operation and reducing the cost of connecting.

There are various cloud migration strategy which include

Machine to machine migration

Application migration

DevOps driven migration

This migration vary from one migration to another hence its upon the organization to choose which is the best strategy to use when migrating to cloud connect. An organization should analyze the requirement of the business, goal, and the result of your infrastructure. Considering these factors and the discovery and planning will help the business to maximize on their cloud investment and start achieving the benefits. If all the application in the organization will work adequately in the cloud this will make the organization to change to cloud easily.Cloud services are one of the defining technologies in IT and in most of organization today.

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