VPN Extension FAQs for Dummies

As we are receiving a lot of questions about the application and benefits of using a VPN extension. So, today we have decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions through this article. Don’t worry in case if you are not well versed in these systems and the insights of networking protocols and devices. We are not going to include anything much technical.

1) What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is the name of a networking arrangement. Through this setup, public internet network resources are accessed while operating in a virtually made private network. It does not mean that the devices present nearby one another could only be joined. You can be a part of a virtual private network operating from any country of the world

2) If a VPN Extension and Proxies are similar?

To an extent these two options are same as their general purposes are concerned. But a VPN Extension is going to be a lot of more secure and easier option than that of its other counterparts and especially proxies. Proxies are useful for those who want to pose as they are living in a part of the world where they don’t in real.

3) I am not using the IE if there is a VPN Extension available for me?

Yes! Those who are using Google Chrome, Firefox and in fact any of the other major internet browser can have a VPN Extension installed designed and built specifically for the respective and relevant platforms. It is easy. So, just check whether your favorite vendor is offering an extension for you or not.

4) How to know it my VPN Vendor is offering an extension for my browser?

It’s easy! Just check if your desired option is mentioned on their website or not. Another way for learning about the availability of an extension for your desired browser is to ask the guys working in the support department of you VPN provider. However, please do understand an extension designed for Firefox can never be used with Google`s Chrome or Opera.

5) What is its application process?

Well, consider Tuxler.Com and their google chrome extension. It is something easy as 1, 2 & 3. Download and install the extension. Later, click that green button and that’s all. For closing it down, there is a red button made available as well. A switch as many time as you want — no qualms whatsoever. Thus, it is a quite simple process, and you can have the model of your connection switched in a few seconds.

6) I am a novice user if it’s too complicated for me?

Frankly speaking, this option is made available for the novice users. You don’t need to have any expertise or any advanced knowledge or experience. In addition to this, adequate instructions are being provided with these products. Let us repeat — don’t worry at all. Perhaps it is the simplest product available in this category for novice users

7) If there are any cons of using these extensions?

There are nothing like major cons but yes! There are a few shortfalls as we could anticipate elsewhere. The extensions we are talking about does not come with an overall impact. In short, you would be able to use these service while browsing only. In case if you are looking for unblocking resources like torrents or so then don’t consider a VPN Extension as an option.

8) Can I have installed one on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can! Google play store have enough attractive options available for you. Just check it there. Here let us add one more thing. The browsing only related limitations is not a case when you use a VPN Extension on a handheld device like a tablet or a mobile phone.

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