If you’ve stumbled upon our guide, you’ve probably trying to work out how to how to get a Chinese IP address, and access content only permitted in China.

Best VPN into China

Anyone looking to VPN ‘into’ China notices most Baidu or Google searches return results for VPN providers which are set up to do the opposite, VPN ‘out’ of China. So web users can bypass the China firewall filtering restriction.

Chinese government regulations don’t permit foreign-owned VPN providers to own servers in the mainland. This limitation makes VPN provider offerings limited, but there are a few VPN services who have managed to work around these constraints.

It’s worth noting there’s a lot of VPN servers based in Hong Kong and Macao, but these servers in the special administrative region don’t offer a 100% of the Chinese online content.

We recommend two VPN providers for quickly setting up a China IP address and downloading from CH based sites.


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