From Bacon Bonfires to Sucker Saturdays: Why I Share My Life With You.

This wasn’t even peak flame of our bacon bonfire… 😳🔥

Have you ever watched the Biggest Loser? The show is essentially about people who struggle with their obesity who are ready for a change. They are ready to stop hiding from their weaknesses and transform themselves into the healthier, fitter version of who they are. That’s why people go on this show.

But why do people watch this show? And it isn’t just this show- some of the most highly rated shows on TV are about the process of change — Fixer Upper, What Not to Wear, Extreme Home Makeover, Flip or Flop, etc. They could easily display a before and after of a house on HGTV, or person on a weight-loss or make-over show, but instead, they make an hour long episode (or an ENTIRE SEASON!) of the process of one transformation. And people can’t get enough of it!

It’s so fascinating to me that we love watching the process of change.

What I’m coming to learn is that there is power in the process of healing. There is power in watching something or someone change for the better.

I have felt for some time now to allow people in on my process. (And if you follow me on Instagram stories you know that I reeeeeeeally let you in on my process #EverydayAllDay). I just want sharing to be something that I do. I want to share my experiences and what makes life great for me. Because do I believe that God can speak to us through a Ruth’s Chris steak that comes out sizzling on the 400-degree plate and melts in your mouth? I absolutely do. Because how else would we know what heaven was going to be like? I want to share that steak with you, and chances are I probably have. I love sharing what a joyful life looks like for me on a daily basis- whether it be through almost burning down my parents house from cooking too much bacon on their grill (they are now calling me “The Baconator” at work), to inviting you with me and my daughter on our #SuckerSaturday adventures including our victories (cough…and losses…cough)with the crane game. I also love talking about what it looks like to take time to connect with my higher power and receive strength (church, temple, general conference) and how I rejuvenate (any lovers of guided imagery meditation like me?). I’m in my process! I still make dumb mistakes. I embarrass my wife. I eat too much junk food and drink too much caffeine. I say things I shouldn’t. But I genuinely have so much fun in my life. And I really do work every day toward becoming a better human.

That time I almost burned down my parents house last week… 😬

What’s so cool about allowing people to experience the process with you is that I get to enjoy the process even more for myself. My favorite moments are being documented, I’m connecting with old friends and making new ones and I get to share the things that matter most to me. People can follow me, or they don’t have to. It’s up to them, but I love having people come along this journey with me.

And whether or not I’m a self-appointed contestant on my own reality TV (social media) show, or I am just doing it for my posterity, I can already feel the power in the process of healing.

Sharing your story as it’s being written is teaching me that we don’t have to wait for the finished product to enjoy what we have. Embracing the process allows us to enjoy the process.

This is my process. This is my ongoing transformation.

You’ll quickly learn that I’m not an expert. And I’m not claiming that I have it all together.

But I don’t want to be the expert — I want to be the peer.

I want you to see what an unfiltered, real life can look like out in the social media world. Bacon fires and all.

I’ve loved what sharing my story has brought into my life — come with me and do it, too.


PS- The #SuckerSaturdayDance is going to be bigger than the #RunningManChallenge someday…