A Life’s Work
Clint Betts

I had so many big plans this week for work. I wanted this to be the greatest, most productive week in the history of Qzzr sales. For us to hit our Q2 sales goal, I knew how important this first part of the month was. On Monday I planned out everything our amazing team needed to do. It was a lot, but I knew we could do it if I was just focused and made no excuses…

Quick side story: My wife has had major postpartum depression for the last 10 months. I have learned how real this disease is and how it respects NO one, even prideful husbands (me) who wants to have an extraordinary success.

With all of this and more, it’s been a roller coaster at trying to “balance” church, self, home, and a work life.

Back to this week…

On Monday I started chipping away at my big to do list. I woke up early on Tuesday and planned on staying at the office until midnight. I had just gotten in my zone and could feel momentum building. I love the momentum wave. It takes a lot of little things to get it built up, but man it’s a fun ride to the shore when you’re in the heart of it. Just as I’m about to catch the wave, wife calls, and I could immediately feel that the PPD bomb had hit her.

Flash forward to about two hours ago when I got back to the office for the first time since I left that Tuesday afternoon.

I sat down at my desk complelty exhausted after a week of cooking, cleaning, watching kids, working as much as I could, church stuff, staying up with our one year old son who can’t sleep because he’s getting his back molars of death in, and so on and so on.

My email inbox was (and still is) full, I missed a demo somehow, and I looked at my “want to do list” that I wrote on Monday and just wanted to lay down on the flo0r and feel bad for myself.

And then I read this article.

Thank you for writing this, Clint. Even though you didn’t let me get you a salad when you were having your secret meeting with Mayor Jon Curtis and Owen a few weeks ago, you are one great dude! :)

I truly believe that Utah’s tech community is going to continue to explode and grow, and a big reason reason of that belief is because of guy’s like you. People who are doing things from their heart, because they love & highlight other’s success.

Hiten Shah shared a quote from in his email newsletter this morning that gonged my heart like few things have ever gonged my heart before.

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

This is why I believe Qzzr is now succeeding and why I believe what you’re doing is having incredible extraordinary success. I believe the extraordinary successful organizations in Utah are the ones who’s foundation of team built with a bunch of good hearted people, who at their core have the desire to help others before they help themselves.

Send me your wife’s email address and I’d love to send her a note letting her know how grateful one dude in the Utah tech community is for her husband and I’ll also send her some chocolate or something from the Qzzr team (I believe nothing heals more than gratitude and good food).

Thanks again for going full vulnerable with owning and sharing this story. The Qzzr Cowboy is #TeamClintBetts for life now. #Yeehaw #LetsGo

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