Killing Andy Dwyer

Have you ever had a moment when your self-perception of your identity and the reality of how others see you meet for the first time?

I was in Hawaii on a business trip for a company work-away hanging out with some of my favorite co-workers (and friends, for that matter). You know that feeling of being around people who just “get you”? That’s how I felt around these guys.

This picture was taken only hours before the conversation that would change my life. #QzzrWorkAway2015

We had been shooting the breeze about good times when one of them said, “Lets play a game.”

“Lets try to come up with a TV or movie character that is most like each person in this room.”

Person 1: Someone threw out Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character on 500 days of Summer. Everyone agreed.

Person 2: Someone through out James Bond. Everyone agreed.

Person 3 (me): Someone threw out Andy Dwyer. Everyone laughed. And they laughed hard. And then they laughed even harder.

I thought they were joking.

They weren’t joking….

Everyone agreed.

Wait, what? Can I get a recap, please?

Person 4: I was fired up. I threw out Air Bud the dog. I was joking, no one agreed.

How I viewed myself before this moment:

“I can’t stop looking at your hair, Quin.”

The only thing holding me back from being the next owner of the Utah Jazz was money.

How others viewed me:

The greatest Andy Dwyer scene in the history of Parks & Recs. No question.

It may not seem significant, but this moment was a defining one for me.

I was stunned.

In that moment, for the first time, I saw the Jason Clark that others saw and everything started making sense. It was funny for a second, realizing why I was the only one who my friends would slow-clap for- especially in public places (I may or may not be known to rip my shirt off and do crazy spontaneous things when people slow-clap me).

This isn’t me! I am not Andy Dwyer.
I repeat, this isn’t umm…me….. errr….
Yeah, I guess I can kinda see what they were talking about… *Slowly walking away*

Then it got a little personal thinking back to when I started my first business, and realizing why my high school buddies couldn’t take me seriously. But then it hit too close to home when this new perspective showed me a possible reason why certain bosses and co-workers felt like they couldn’t trust me with the wheel.


I might as well have been looking across the grand canyon!

It was this very situation that started the “Kill Andy Dwyer Movement” for me.

I’ve been shifting my focus from entertaining others to serving them. I have been trying to love people rather than get a reaction from them. My relationships have deepened and my life is starting to transform. I love Andy Dwyer for what he offered me, but it was time to let him go. And sometimes we have to meet our weaknesses in order to know how to overcome them.

If life is like climbing Everest, and owning the Utah Jazz is one of my summit goals, I’d say Jason Andy-Dwyer Clark has some climbing to do. I’ve feel like I’m becoming a different person.

Second to last question: Do I still rip my shirt off sometimes when I’m super excited about something?

Answer: Guilty

Last question: But do I feel like my mindset of “just learn & be mentored by the greats in your life” is helping come up with the weapon to kill the guy at the top of Everest aka Jason Andy Dwyer Clark?

Answer: #LetsGo