Canadian Elections Oct 19, 2015

This election has been quite interesting for many reasons.

  • This is the end of second consecutive term for Conservatives
  • Huge turnout in the advance polls
  • Strategic voting seems to have been quite effective
  • Huge disapproval of Stephen Harper
  • No one party seems to be in comfortable lead for a majority

The polls currently show the following (source:

And this is the seats projection (source:

I think the end result might be pretty different after Monday, Oct 19th. I feel, the following would happen:

  • Conservatives would be completely routed (similar to what happened to Liberals in the last election)
  • NDP and Liberals would be neck and neck in the total number of seats
  • Seats might be something like: Liberals: 170 NDP: 120 Conservatives: 35

I feel Conservatives will take a huge hit mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Huge early turnout and i hope a much bigger overall turnout
  • Huge wave against Stephen Harper
  • Strategic Voting
  • Backfiring of the niqab issue
  • Backfiring of the provocative, negative ads against liberals targetted to specific communities
  • Announcing TPP and not following up with relevant details. Even Hillary Clinton expressed her doubts about that.

I can’t wait to see the results at the end of Monday. I am excited and I am hopeful for a new government that has a more positive outlook about everything.