Democracy — an alternate approach

As literacy, education and exposure increases, the chance of people coming to a consensus keeps decreasing. Everyone will have their reasons and sometimes it can turn into “beliefs” which you cannot effectively converse about or reach middle ground. This is much more magnified when it comes to politics at the national level or even at the provincial level. The parties do not have an incentive to really “work it out” with the other side(s). Hence, we see un-necessary exaggerations in the media when the parties talk about decisions of the other side. We are also seeing razor thin margins in the seats that are won and its becoming increasing wasteful and in-efficient at getting things done at the national and provincial level.

Hence, I was thinking about this tweak to the overall process which puts an emphasis on “working together” and “reaching common ground”. Because, at the end of the day, we have to reach a middle ground if we are to avoid stagnation and if we are to keep moving forward.

The pre-requisite for this approach would be that there be at the least 3 parties vying for the people’s mandate.

  • A party can only govern one term at a time: Meaning, there will always be a different party governing the nation/province every term.
  • In an election, the parties fight for the right to govern in the next term: For example:
Term 1:
 Ruling: A
 Opposition: B, C
Elections at the end of Term 1:
 Parties in the fray: B, C
 Suppose Party B wins
Term 2:
 Ruling: B
 Opposition: A, C
Elections at the end of Term 2:
 Parties in the fray: A, C
  • Parties will be judged based on how well they did in the Opposition in addition to their platform for the next term.
  • This gives an incentive for the parties to work with the each other to ultimately achieve the best outcomes for ALL the people.

As every other aspect of our life is changing at a phenomenal rate, the Electoral process also needs to keep up and a change is long overdue. While it might not be the perfect alternative, the hope is to start a dialogue and conversation on bettering the existing process.