“The ticking is so loud now, I can’t hear anything ”

I’ve just finished watching the recently released film “Tick..tick..boom” starring Andrey Garfield and Vanessa Hudgens and I’m eager to say a few words about it.

The film itself is based on a real story. The main character is Jonathan Larson, almost 30 year old writer , who aims to achieve success in the field of musical theatre. Jonathan has almost finished writing his first musical , however, he struggles to create one piece, the song. Apart from this, he experiences the hardships of love, friendships , he also does question his place in the world.

The film touched me a lot. If we speak about the inner message that it carries- the movie is about time and it’s perception by people.

It is one thought that is repeated- a leitmotif : there is never enough time to do everything , it’s important to choose the most important things in your life unless it’s too late. But how do we choose the most important things? How can we be sure that our choice is right for us? Can we spend our whole life believing in something not rewarding or should we give up on our dreams and get off the high horse?The answer to these questions is individual for every character in the film. I believe, everyone of you ,as well,asked themselves such questions at least once. And that is the thing I found the most attractive about this movie: it’s very close to everyday life. It doesn’t give a promise of a glorious life without problems. It shows the feelings of a very talented, but very ordinary man. I particularly sympathised with Andrew Garfield , the way he presented. an ambitious writer and a lost-in-life man at the same time is outstanding.

A separate paragraph I would like to devote to the musical part of the film. Not only do the songs convey the message throughout the film, they create a special mood, motivate and give a deeper understanding of the plot of the film. No wonder Andrew Garfield sings pretty well( how can a spider man be bad at singing?:)). The real pleasure for me was listening to Vanessa Hudgens’ magnetic voice. It hypnotised me every time she started singing.

What is more, it felt like a miracle, how all the actors sang together, creating a harmonious unity of voices, such things are definitely able to melt even the coldest hearts.

All in all, watching this film would be rewarding for everyone( especially for those who are interested in art and in the process the art is created).It’s captivating and motivating, it would definitely give the pleasure to the eye , ear and mind




Reflections and cake pics🕊

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Ks. Casey

Ks. Casey

Reflections and cake pics🕊

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