Apr 11, 2018 · 2 min read

This article was written on January 2018 by Guillaume LESUR (Twitter @bipbip), product owner of Cloud Services at VP Tech.

So, here it is.

We started up the new Core Network Team at vente-privee a little more than a year ago.

Much has been achieved, much more to get down with. In my opinion, anniversaries are a good time to take a step back and check out what has been done.

It has been a very busy year. We delivered a lot, from upgrading the bandwidth to improving the network quality where the group is present in Europe. The most impressive locations we upgraded are our warehouses in Lyon — France, which is a central and strategic region for logistic flow, at the cross-roads of Europe.

Those buildings had a tiny little DSL connection to our datacenters. Data batch took hours to get down from the core network to the warehouses, slowing down the whole delivery process. Now, it takes less than a few seconds, improving the whole logistic flow. It has been hard to reach, hard to deploy fibers there, yet it’s done ! Our core network is now present in most of vente-privee buildings, and spreading. We are working hard to make it as reliable and efficient as possible.

A year ago, we relied on network providers to connect to the Internet. We are now doing ourself. We deployed a new Autonomous System on Internet — AS60350 :) — from scratch in a few week to take over the high load of our e-commerce platforms, connecting all major peering points in Europe. We now serve 70% of our traffic through peering exchanges. We have 0% dependency to providers.

We deployed 3 data centers this year with a brand new Spine / Leaf infrastructure, ensuring that machine to machine bandwidth has room to scale. Engineering teams are migrating production servers hosted on Amazon to our very own platforms, serving millions of customers.

I’m very grateful to have a highly talented and passionate network engineering team working on huge projects to deploy and maintain our new high bandwidth and high quality network for the whole vente-privee Group. Automated networking is at the heart of our daily work, leveraging the impact of each team member.

What I’m the most grateful for, is the ability of our team to freely deploy the engineering strategy we felt was the most adapted challenges we faced. And so it goes on for a new year of projects to fix our next big challenges : free-up the work of every team member of vente-privee!

Cheers ! \o/


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