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SafeCovid ( is set to bring Coronavirus to the blockchain. Hold on, don’t press the panic button just yet. Because, this time it’s great news.

What is Safecovid?
Safecovid is a decentralized blockchain platform hosted on the Binance Smart Chain that seeks to merge charity, saving lives, and crypto-finance in a fun way that keeps users engaged and rewarded.

The creative team of have successfully devised an innovative response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And you should be part of it too.
You may be wondering, what could possibly be fun about Covid-19? Well, let us get right to it.

How does the Safecovid Platform Work?

“We don't have a vaccine. We just have an idea to reduce anxiety and create some optimism for the future out of this sad period in human history”


Build "SafeStore" a fun game platform and NFT historical marketplace around Covid-19 with an automatic donation to UNICEF. Time to build SafeCovid Family!

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