Data Analysis, No Code Necessary

The Problem

Let’s quickly go over what VQL is and why we’re working on it. The problem — your company has data in a database, but as much as you’d like, not all of your employees know SQL (or insert your favorite ORM here).

Current Solutions

There are lots of “solutions” like teaching SQL, asking an engineer, and building internal tools. My favorite are the text files people save with queries they often run, sort of like SQL Mad Libs.

Enter VQL

VQL is a web UI that lets you ask expressive questions of your database (or csv or xlsx). Set it up and you can search, average, histogram, plot, etc. A common use case is to use VQL to filter or aggregate and, in one click, export to Excel for further analysis.

It’s best understood with a demo, so check out our first analysis, AirBnb in Boston: video or blog post.

To try VQL, check out or send us a note at .

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