Part 2 — A New Gold Standard

Authors: Vaughn Quoss, Jonathan Parks, Paul Ellwood

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At Airbnb, we’ve always had a data-driven culture. We’ve assembled top-notch data science and engineering teams, built industry-leading data infrastructure, and launched numerous successful open source projects, including Apache Airflow and Apache Superset. Meanwhile, Airbnb has transitioned from a startup moving at light speed to a mature organization with thousands of employees. During this transformation, Airbnb experienced the typical growth challenges that most companies do, including those that affect the data warehouse.

In the first post of this series, we shared an overview of how we evolved our organization and technology standards to address the data quality challenges faced during hyper growth. In this post we’ll focus on Midas, the initiative we developed as a mechanism to unite the company behind a shared “gold standard” that serves as a guarantee of data quality at Airbnb. …

Vaughn Quoss

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