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Sam Watts
Sam Watts
Aug 17, 2016 · 19 min read

I am Sam Watts, Director of Immersive Technology at Make Real in Brighton, UK. We create and make exciting xR (VR/AR/MR) experiences that bring serious fun to learning & development, training and simulations.

Clients and partners include EDF Energy, McDonald’s UK and Vodafone, to name a few, deploying applications in the areas of health & safety, maintenance, utilities, construction, and more. We also create consumer gaming products and location-based experiences for the out-of-home sector.

Our first self-published, studio-developed game, Loco Dojo featuring Brian Blessed, released on Oculus, Steam and Viveport Stores, bringing fun party game mentality to VR, for Oculus Rift + Touch, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. We are currently working on bringing the game title to Sony PlayStation VR and Vive Focus Plus in late-2019.

(I also act as Game Producer for Tammeka, a VR game studio co-owned by Make Real. Our team developed and published arcade sci-fi racing VR game title Radial-G : Racing Revolved, available now on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony PlayStation VR.)

Our first self-published, self-developed VR training application, Rear Guard, is designed to improve training of vehicle reversing assistants, loaders and banksmen, within the waste management and two-person delivery sectors. Available now for Oculus Rift S & Oculus Quest as part of a hardware bundle.

Below is a collection of links to all the interviews, podcasts, quotes, blog posts and more that I have created, taken part in or contributed to since early 2014, as part of my journey becoming an evangelist of Virtual Reality. This will continue to be updated as more are added. (Last updated: 28th Nov 2019)

2020 — Partnership Power

Talks _given

PGConnects London — Augmenting Your Business for Reality:

2019 — From Projects to Products

Interviews _written

Platform9 — How Are Modern Businesses Using VR:

Interviews _video

Digital Catapult5G Testbed Accelerator Programme: Make Real


John Helmer: The Learning Hack — Virtual Reality Check w/ Sam Watts:


VRFocus —Developers Give Their Reactions to Nintendo Labo VR:

Learning News — Make Real to Unveil New Learning Products at LT19uk:

Virtual Reality Marketing — The Risks of VR Marketing:

Blog Posts

Medium — The End of Mobile VR Doesn’t Mean VR is Dead:

Make Real — Oculus Connect 6: It’s Business Time:

Make Real — 2019 Quarterly Review #3 (Jul — Sept):

AIXR — VR for Education, Learning and Development — Valid Use Cases:

Make Real — 2019 Quarterly Review #2 (Apr — Jun):

Make Real — 2019 Quarterly Review #1 (Jan —Mar):

Talks _given

Coder Dojo: Brighton (Winter ’19) — What is VR? & Demos

Blind Veterans UK, Technology Day (Winter 2019) — What is VR? & Demos

DV8 Careers Day — Games Industry / Studio & VR 101

Northampton University — Merged Futures — VR Symposium (Keynote):

Brighton University — VR Games Design 101

VR Brighton Meetup — Multi-User Immersive Experiences:

IntoGames — The Future of VR/AR Beyond Gaming:

Panels _beenOn

EGX — Fringe Theatre: PC Exclusivity & Store Curation:

UkieMixed Reality sub-Group: Where Next for VR?:

EGX Rezzed — Fringe Theatre: Making VR Comfortable:


Microsoft — HoloLens 2 Announcement Reveal & Private 1–2–1 Demo

2018 — The Year of Growth and Positive Changes

Interviews _written

Virtual Reality Marketing — Interviews, Sam Watts, Make Real:

Digital Catapult — Creative Tools & Workflows Immersive Content Creation:

Virtual Reality Consultancy — The Super Worker ebook:

Dell — Making VR Real: 2018 Report on Business Impact of VR:

The Virtual — Speaker Profile: Sam Watts, Make Real:

Interviews _video

Google [Daydream Impact]— ‘Stay Up Late’ #VR4Good Documentary

University of Sussex — Media Studies VR Case Study

The Disruptors — Interview with Sam Watts:

VRFocusMake Real Sam Watts Discusses Developing VR:

Immersivity ParadropVR Brighton Palace Pier LBEVR Experience:

Creative Technology — Innovation Partner CT Open Days 2018:

LatestTV — Brighton-made VR & GOVR Show & Tell Event:

Future Tech Now Show — Jonathan Tustain LinkedIn:

VRFocus Make Real Announce New VR Game Pastimes for Pirates:


The VR Barrel — Make Real Sam Watts Talks State of VR

The VR/AR Association — Introduction to Make Real:

Future of Learning — w/ Lloyd Dean, #16 Scaling VR:

StoryHackXR — TOMTech podcasts: #3 A View From the Other Side:

Digital Jam — Narrative Immersive Storytelling:

Digital Jam — Getting Social and Collaborative with #VR:

Techjini — What Every Developer Needs to Know About Immersive Tech:


VirtualiTeach — 100 Voices of AR/VR in Education:

Virtual Reality Marketing — What Is It About VR That Gets You Excited?

The Re-Emergence of Virtual Reality — Leighton Evans (author, book):

BrioVR — Top 50 AR/VR Influencers (Sam Watts 21/50):

Wired Sussex — Talent Talks: A Chat With Make Real:

Venturebeat — Recession-proof Gaming

Hack & Craft — How AR Can Build Efficiencies in Construction:

Special EffectMake Real on-board for One Special Day 2018:

UploadVRMake Real Secures Investment to Expand Operations:

Bastion PR — Submissions Open ‘Develop:Brighton Indie Dev Showcase’:

The Virtual — Focal Point: What Does Blockchain Mean for XR?:

LearnerLab — “Transforming Training in Healthcare Through Immersive Technology White Paper 2018”

Virtual Umbrella — How to Run a Successful VR Event:

The Virtual — Focal Point: Will RPO Prompt a VR Sales Boom?:

The Curve / Lumesse — Learning’s New Realities:

The Virtual — Focal Point: Is Standalone VR the Cure:

VRFocus — The State of Immersive Reality in 2018:

Blog Posts

Medium — Exploring Google Earth Studio:

Medium — Putting Blind Veterans UK into VR:

Medium — 2018 VR/AR Predictions Review & Reflections:

Make Real — 2018 End of Year Review:

Make Real — 2018 Quarterly Review #4 (Oct — Dec):

Make Real — 2018 Quarterly Review #3 (Jul — Sept):

Medium — 2018 VR & AR 20 Predictions — Halfway Review (Pt.2, 11–20):

Medium — 2018 VR & AR 20 Predictions — Halfway Review (Pt.1, 1–10):

Make Real — 2018 Quarterly Review #2 (Apr — Jun):

Make Real — 2018 Quarterly Review #1 (Jan — Mar):

Medium — 2018 VR & AR 20 Predictions:

Developer Diaries

VRFocusPastimes for Pirates Dev Diary #3: Tacking Where Necessary:

VRFocus Pastimes for Pirates Dev Diary #2: Navigating Early Waters:

VRFocusPastimes for Pirates Dev Diary #1: In The Beginning:

Talks _given

DV8 Careers Day — Games Industry / Studio & VR 101

Coder Dojo: Brighton (Winter ‘18) — What is VR? & Demos

Realities Centre — Standalone VR Development

Blind Veterans UK, Technology Day (Autumn 2018) — What is VR? & Demos

IT Weekend Ukraine 2018 — What Will Drive XR Adoption Forward:

VRFocus — VR Gaming Showcase w/ Gamescom Review:

Bristol VR Lab — Afternoon Seminars 8.0: Museums:

Dublin Games Summit — The Future of VR:

#VRBrighton Meetup #15 — Games and Gaming

Coder Dojo: Brighton (Summer ‘18)— What is VR? & Demos

Blind Veterans UK, Technology Day (Spring 2018) — What is VR? & Demos

What Is VR? & Demos— The Elephant & Castle, Lewes

EICSummit, Venice — New Realities of the Learner Experience:

MET/CCBH College — Games Industry / Studio & VR 101

Sussex Downs College — Games Industry / Studio & VR 101

XRConnects London — Sustainable Immersive Tech Business:

Panels _Hosted

Dublin Games Summit — Reality or Fantasy: Boundaries Being Destroyed

Panels _beenOn

#VR4HE — VR & AR to Enhance Learning and Teaching in HE Conference

HTC Vive Dev Day & Mixer — Lessons From the Frontline & Future

Bristol VR Lab — Afternoon Seminars 8.0: Museums:

#CPDinVR #ARVRinEDU — Experiential VR Learning w/Steve Bambury

Future Tech Now — The Super Worker/Future-proofing Your Workforce:

2017 — Reality Check Year, Bedding in for the Future

Interviews _written

Onalytica — #InfluencerInterviews:

The Curve / Lumesse — Q&A Sam Watts of Make Real:

Interviews _video

VRFocus — Loco Dojo Developer on Make[Real] & #GreatBritishVR:

Harry Coulson — Oculus Connect 4 Report

Develop: Brighton Conference — Exhibitor Testimonials 2017:


Big Red Barrel #268.5 — Develop: VR Special:

Cliff Notes Ep#8 — Practical Use of VR:

Big Red Barrel #241.5 — Sam the VR Evangelist:

DigitalJam Sessions — Exploring the #VR Wonderland, VR World Congress:

The Drax FilesShow #140: GDC17, The Week After:


VRFocus — Boxed Editions of Radial-G Coming to North America:

Engadget — Oculus’ Standalone Headset Point to Changing VR Landscape:

VRFocus — Radial-G Dated for PlayStation VR:

VRFocus — Radial-G Getting Boxed Edition on PlayStation 4:

Special Effect — Make Real On-board for One Special Day 2017:

VRFocus — Radial-G Set for Summer Launch on PSVR:

TheSixthAxis — Radial-G Lands on PlayStation VR This Summer:

What is Virtual Reality — Yoni Binstock (author, book):

VRFocus — It’s Time to Party as Loco Dojo Launches for Oculus Touch:

VRFocus — Radial-G Now Supports Oculus Touch:

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World— Whither Goes VR?:

PC Zone— VR Check-In: Where Are We Now?:

Medium — Full Develop Q&A — Current, Future & Much More:

VRFocus — Madcap Party Title Loco Dojo Coming to Oculus Touch:

Upload VR — What Brexit Means for the UK VR Industry:

VRFocus — Devs Reveal Thoughts on 1st Year of Consumer VR:

Develop — What Needs to Happen for 2017 to be the Year VR Monetises?:

Blog Posts

Medium — 2017 VR/AR Review & Reflections:

Make Real — 2017 End of Year Review:

Make Real — 2017 Quarterly Review #4 (Oct-Dec):

MCV #930— Why Develop a VR Game Now? (p8):

Make Real — A Series of Events (2017):

Medium — The Pitfalls of Platforms:

Medium — How to be Seen Demoing VR in Public:

Make Real — 2017 Quarterly Review #3 (Jul-Sept):

Medium — Indie Game PR, Marketing & Community Guide:

Make Real — 2017 Quarterly Review #2 (Apr — Jun):

Make Real — 2017 Quarterly Review #1 (Jan — Mar):

Talks _given

#BDF17 Brighton — Intro to Virtual Reality

VR Manchester VII — “Adventures in VR Babysitting”: (360º)

Brighton SEO 2017 — Intro to VR:

Learning Lounge 2017 / Lumesse — Learning DisrupTED Talks:

Panels _hosted

Future Games Summit 2017 — AR Vs. VR: What’s Best for Your Business:

TfM’17 — Beyond the Hype: Measuring Success VR Marketing:

Panels _beenOn

Total Telecom Congress 2017 — Developing VR & AR Services:

VR World 2017 — How Do We Build Next Gen Training Systems:

VR World Congress — Challenges Faced in VR: Past, Present & Future:

Learning Lounge 2017 / Lumesse — Future Technologies and L&D

Meetups & Events _organised

#BDF17 The Old Market — #vrLAB #TOMTech Showcase:

Digital Media Strategies 2017 — Make Real VR Lounge:

2016 — The Year of Consumer VR Hardware Releases

Interviews _written — Looking Ahead to the Year of VR:

Interviews _video

Storyhack — The Old Market, #TOMTech #vrLAB #BDF16:

Develop Conf — 2016 Testimonials:

Develop Conf — 2016 Highlights — Sam Watts:

Develop Conf — VR at Develop 2016 : Mini-Doc:

VRFocus — VRTV#8 — McDonald’s “Follow Our Foodsteps” VR:

Eurogamer — Why Does VR Give Some People Motion Sickness?:

Maximum PC — Oculus Media Game Days:


What’s The Craic? — 2016: The Year of VR pt.3:

What’s The Craic? — 2016: The Year of VR pt.2:

What’s The Craic? — 2016: The Year of VR pt.1:


VRTech — Top 10 AR & VR Predictions for 2017:

Games — 2016: Did the “Year of VR” Deliver?:

VRFocus — PROCAT Partners With Make Real on VR Learning Suite:

Games — Dean Hall Says There’s No Money in VR:

TechRadar — How VR Needs to Evolve to Become Mainstream:

Alphr — When It Comes to Horror in VR, How Scary is Too Scary?:

Develop:VR — VR Indie Zone Showcase Shortlist Revealed:

MIT Tech Review — This Accessory Makes VR so Precise Surgeons Could Train With It: — How Does VR’s Unique Challenges Affect Games:

Upload VR — VR Devs Get Chance to Try Touch Early at UK Hackathon: — Brexit: UK Devs Share Their Concerns:

VRFocus — McDonald’s Tours UK With Make Real VR:

EDGE, Issue#293 June 2016 — Oculus Touch Feature:

Time — 10 Incredible Experiences I Had Playing Oculus Rift:

Chartboost — Daydream: Can Google’s New Mobile VR Headset Woo Gamers?

VRFocus — VR Developers React to Google Daydream VR:

Guardian — PlayStation 4.5 (Neo) and PSVR:

Indie Games — The Complete Intro to Indie Gaming (by Mike Diver):

Guardian — Sony Announce October Release for PSVR:

MSI Blog — Is it Possible to Run VR on Gaming Laptops?:

Rock Paper Shotgun — VR Gaming Laptops:

VRFocus — Developers React to HTC Vive Price: — VR Devs Discuss Do’s & Don’ts of VR:

Blog Posts

CinematicVR — 100+ Women in #VR:

Make Real — 2016 : End of Year Review:

Polygon — How to Make a Blazingly Fast VR Racing Game:

Develop:VR — Hosting a VR GameJam/Hackathon:

Gamasutra — Developing Mobile VR w/ Samsung Gear VR:

Apps World — Developing for Mobile VR pt.5:

Apps World — Developing for Mobile VR pt.4:

Apps World — Developing for Mobile VR pt.3:

Apps World — Developing for Mobile VR pt.2:

Apps World — Developing for Mobile VR pt.1:

Medium — How to Demo VR:

Apps World — 1st There Was Google Cardboard: A look at Daydream VR:

giffgaff — Top 10 Samsung Gear VR Apps:

giffgaff — Get Into Gear VR: An Intro to Mobile VR:

Develop:VR — Demoing VR Guide:

Talks _given

#BDF16 The Old Market — Storyhack 2016 #TOMtech Speaker Line-up:

Introduction to VR & Demos — Elephant & Castle, Lewes:

Meetups & Events _organised

#BDF16 The Old Market — #vrLAB #TOMtech Showcase:

#BDF16 The Old Market — #TOMtech Oculus Touch 24hr Hackathon:

Gear Boggles, Craft Beer Co. Brighton, UK — A night of VR:

2015 — The Year VR Wasn’t Released to Consumers

Interviews _written

Develop — Unity Focus: How Tammeka Brought Sci-fi Racing to VR: — Virtual Reality Bites: Uncertainties of VR Development

Interviews _video

The Guardian — How VR Porn Could Bring About World Peace:

VRFocus — EGX Rezzed and PlayStation VR:


Big Red Barrel #138 — VRoom VRoom!


Kickstarter — VRGO: The Chair That Redefines Movement in VR:

VRFocus — Developers React to HoloLens Dev Kit Price & Date:

Develop — Game Funding Tips:

EDGE, Issue#282 August 2015 — VR Experts Roundtable Discussion

Develop — Top Tips: Designing for VR: — VR Mavens on the Most Significant News of 2015:

Digital Bodies — Can VR Save Wildlife:

MIT Tech Review — Using VR to Save the White Rhino:

Motherboard — Why We Keep Coming Back to Game Conventions:

GearVRUK — UK Launch Line-Up Revealed:

VRFocus — UK Devs React to Oculus Rift Launch Date: — Barbican & TIGA Announce GAME ON 2.0 Winners:

Vice — PewDiePie Made Over $7M in 2014 Playing Video Games:

TheSixthAxis — Hands on with Radial-G:

Develop — Crunch: Devs Shouldn’t Kill Themselves Making Games:

VRFocus — CCP Games, Tammeka and More React to Hololens:

Vice — The Future of Video Gaming:

Rift Arcade — How Indies and Small Teams are Creating a VR Revolution:

Panels _beenOn

Apps World 2015, London, UK — Future of Mobile VR Development

PocketGamer Connects 2015, London, UK — Developing for Mobile VR 101

#BDF15 Onca Gallery — Digi Fears Part II:

2014 — Radial-G KickStarter & Early Access, DK1>DK2

Interviews _written

Dealspwn — Military-Grade Arcade Racing on Oculus Rift & PSVR: — The Magic is in the Cockpit:

Indie Retro News — Zero-G Racer from AAA Experienced Team:

Road to VR — Radial-G Just Earned a Spot in my Oculus Rift Folder:

US Gamer — The Futuristic Racer Isn’t Dead:

VR Reviewer — 20 Questions With Sam Watts (Radial-G):

Game Watcher — Radial-G Kickstarter Profile:

Road to VR — VR and Next Generation Marketing:

Interviews _video

Bored Gamers — Episode 15(12/12/14)

VRFocus — Steam Early Access Launch:

VRFocus — Develop Brighton Conf 2014:

VRFocus — Radial-G Kickstarter:


Voices of VR #51 — Radial-G, Simulator Sickness & VR gameplay:

Dutch Game Cowboys — Met Sam Watts (Radial-G):

Enter VR — Breaking the VR Game Design Rules & Getting Away With It:

Indie Haven #53 — Radial-G:


Red Bull Gaming — F-Zero 10 Yrs on Retrospective:

20ms — Collisions Cause Motion Sickness:

Polygon — Radial-G is Fast, Beautiful & Shows Mastery of VR Design:

Blog Posts

Photon — Dev Story: 32-Players in One Race:

Gamasutra — Finding Unity with the Rift:

VRFocus — Radial-G Kickstarter Post-Mortem pt.2:

VRFocus — Radial-G Kickstarter Post-Mortem pt.1:

Gamasutra — Components of the Rift: Designing for Oculus:

Makemedia — The Power of Oculus Touch:

Makemedia — Dreaming of Crescent Bay:

Makemedia — Hands On With the HTC Vive:

Makemedia — A Week in the Year of VR:

Developer Diaries

VRFocus — Tammeka Radial-G: Racing Revolved Dev Diary #3:

VRFocus — Tammeka Radial-G: Racing Revolved Dev Diary #2:

VRFocus — Tammeka Radial-G: Racing Revolved Dev Diary #1:

Meetups & Events _organised

VR Brighton / South-West VR / SWVR Conference / VR in a Bar
and many more…

Misc/Other _stuff

Admix — Top 50 AR/VR Influencers:

Virtual Perceptions — Immersive Perspective Awards: Pioneer of Immersive Reality 2019 (Sam Watts):

BrioVR — Top 50 AR/VR Influencers (Sam Watts 21/50):

Gamasutra — Thomas Bidaux: Gamescom 2018 Media Coverage:

Rise.Global — Top 100 Blockchain Influencers (Sam Watts 78/100):

Onalytica — VR Q1 2018: Top 25 Influencers (Sam Watts 13/25):

The Virtual — Essential Seminars at XRConnects London:

IZEA — 25 Top VR Influencers:

Breaking Walls — Top VR Influencers (November 2017):

Pusher Blog — How You Can Become an AR/VR Developer:

Onalytica — VR 2017: Top 100 Influencers (Sam Watts — 12/100):

Onebite Blog — BrightonSEO Thoughts from our Digital Director:

Equimedia Blog — 5 Things We Learned from BrightonSEO:

Develop Conf — Testimonial:

Quora — Who Are the Best People to Follow on Twitter?:

VU Dream — 15 Must-Follow VR Influencers:

Medium — Mark Metry; Top 10 VR Influencers to Follow:

Virtual Umbrella — 40 People to Follow in VR:

Develop VR Conf — Advisory Board:

Develop VR Conf — Develop VR Advisory Board Press Release:

Brightwave Blog — Learning in a Virtual World:


Media Types Across the Years

Current tally:
Interviews — Word: 19 (2019: 1, 2018: 5, 2017: 2, 2016: 1, 2015: 2, 2014: 8)
Interviews — Video: 26 (2019: 1, 2018: 9, 2017: 3, 2016: 7, 2015: 2, 2014: 4)
Podcasts: 21 (2019: 1, 2018: 7, 2017: 5, 2016: 3, 2015: 1, 2014: 4)
Quotes: 81 (2019: 3, 2018: 17, 2017: 17, 2016: 23, 2015: 18, 2014: 3)
Blog Posts: 52 (2019: 6, 2018: 11, 2017: 11, 2016: 15, 2014: 9)
Developer Diaries: 6 (2018: 3, 2014: 3)
Talks _given: 29 (2019: 7, 2018: 16, 2017: 4, 2016: 2)
Panels _hosted: 3 (2018: 1, 2017: 2)
Panels _beenOn: 15 (2019: 3, 2018: 5, 2017: 4, 2015: 3)
Meetups & Events Organised: 9 (2018: 0, 2017: 2, 2016: 3, 2014: 4)
Misc & Other Stuff: 21
Totals (yearly): 2019: 22, 2018: 74, 2017: 50, 2016: 54, 2015: 26, 2014: 35

Sam Watts

Written by

Sam Watts

Director of Immersive Technologies at Make Real, living the VR life — follow me on Twitter @vr_sam

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