Why Staying in a Professionally Managed Vacation Home is the Most Magical Way to Experience a Destination with Family & Friends

What makes a vacation a memorable one? Many would argue that what makes a memorable vacation is a good time spent with family and friends. The luxury of being able to relax in a home away from home, where you can spread out with your loved ones, cook a cozy breakfast together, play games in the living room, blend into the environment and live in the same ways that a local would. You don’t feel like a tourist but a traveler experiencing a new destination in an authentic way.

Hotels are great for certain situations, but if you want to really kick up your heels and stay awhile, a professionally managed vacation rental is absolutely the better option. They are often less expensive, more luxurious and much easier to rent than a hotel. Here are just a few reasons why professionally managed vacation homes are better than hotels for your family’s next vacation:

  1. You get more for your money. A lot of times, the longer you stay at a vacation rental the less expensive it is each night. And for the same price that you would be spending at a hotel, with a vacation rental you are also getting a kitchen, more than one bathroom, and in some cases a private backyard, hot tub or pool. If you are traveling with a big family for more than a week, it just makes more sense to stay in a vacation rental. Plus, by saving money on the accommodation, you then have more to spend on fun things to do together around town!
  2. Better, more personalized concierge service. When you book with an independent, privately owned and managed vacation rental there is no doubt about it, you are getting the best service around. A locally owned property management company will ensure that you get luxury, personalized service leading up to and during your stay. Because they are mostly smaller companies, they do a little happy dance every time you book and will do everything in their power to make sure you have the best time and will want to come back!
  3. You can stretch out and relax. A hotel room often lacks in space, but a vacation home allows more than one room for you and your family to spread out in. Maybe little Spencer wants to watch cartoons in the living room. No problem, just go to the other TV in the master bedroom and turn on some Bravo to enjoy with a glass of wine. You’re on vacation!
  4. Extra Perks. Many vacation rentals have extra things in them that hotels don’t that make them more fun such as BBQs, jacuzzis, a washer and dryer to use at your convenience, free wi-fi and games!

So in summary, vacation rentals are better than hotels if you’ve got a big group and you’re staying for more than just a couple of nights. Now that that is settled, it’s important to know that not all vacation rentals should be treated equally. There are so many listing sites for vacation rentals, it’s hard to know where to go to plan your family vacation of the year. Some of the bigger listing sites have additional hidden service fees ranging between 6–15% are tacked on after the reservation has been confirmed and this has enraged a lot of people. If you book direct with the local property manager there are no additional traveler fees and you are guaranteed the lowest rate.

In addition, because these listing sites are large, third party corporations, it’s almost impossible to get a trusted individual to take responsibility for a problem and show compassion if any issues come up during your stay. It’s more than likely that these people are thousands of miles away, they probably have never been in the house you’re staying in and don’t really care that much that the TV isn’t working, you’ve locked yourself out, or there’s a leak in the bathroom. More horror stories here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

To make matter’s worse, these so called “customer service” agents can’t even recommend a good bar to go to if all hope is lost for enjoying your vacation home due to the bathroom flood,because they aren’t local experts on the area. If you book direct with a property manager, there are people that care easily accessible to help you whenever, wherever, and because they’re locals they know where all the best bars and restaurants are and will gladly recommend them to you.

With additional service fees and sub-par customer service, It’s time to find alternatives to the big disconnected listing sites. Fetchmyvr is a different kind of listing site. Comprised of vacation rental experts with vacation rentals listings around the world, they connect the traveler direct with the property manager who is always there to offer assistance, answer questions, and who personally knows the property and the surrounding destination. They are happy to give you recommendations of things to do and see during your trip and they want to know all the details on how everything went because they like you and they genuinely care about your vacation rental experience. Now’s your moment to experience the magic and make those memories that last a lifetime, book your 2017 vacation rental direct.

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