Your present state of mind…………..

You have just passed your final MBBS exam. Or you passed it a year or two ago and were unsuccessful in obtaining a postgraduate seat in the specialty of your choice. You are juggling between your duties as a resident intern or doctor and running to the coaching centre for the dreaded PG medical entrance exams. You are mentally and physically drained and wondering when this torture will end.

Sounds familiar? This is the status of most of our fresh medical graduates today.

Coaching classes add to this misery by revisiting the entire medical curriculum and training you to become a master of medicine. What you do not want to do is to end up reading and mugging truckloads of useless material that clogs and confuses your brain. When you finally appear for the exam, you are fed up of studying and in a tired frame of mind. This is hardly conducive to a good performance in the exam which is of paramount importance. What you want and need to do is to is to pay attention to get through that damned exam and to do it so well that you get a good rank and a medical college of your choice. This is not helped by the current systems of coaching.

How can PGMed Coaching Academy help?

This intensive training program of PGMed has been designed following requests from many medical interns and junior doctors who did not want a long drawn out one year coaching for which neither do they have the time to physically attend classes while performing their duties nor do they want to spend long hours studying subjects at great length from where few or no questions may come in their entrance exams.

Most coaching classes which claim to be no. 1 in India presume that the student who has just passed his or her final MBBS exam has very little knowledge of the subjects. We are not like that. We give full respect to your understanding and knowledge of all the subjects you studied during under graduation. That is why our system of coaching is much more sensible and appealing to you.

Our aim is to provide targeted revision practice. By a process of repeated solving of question papers the doctor will come to know the areas where more study is required. Only these areas need to be revised. There is no point reading Harrison’s Principles and Practice of Medicine or Bailey and Love’s Surgery from cover to cover. Neither will the doctor be able to absorb that much information nor will he/ she have the time to complete all subjects before appearing for the exams.

We are different. We have shortened the revision time. You will be subjected to rigorous testing daily using our online platform BUT IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN ROOM OR HOME. Each test will simulate the actual exam pattern, timing and ambience. You will have a prefixed time to complete each test.

Initially you may find that you are not able to answer quite a few questions. This should not scare you or put you off. Identify those questions where you went wrong or could not answer and go back to your textbooks to look up the right answer and read more about the topic.

This is what we mean by TARGETED REVISION. There is no point wasting time reading topics that you already know. Our technique helps you to concentrate on your weak areas. You develop the knack of answering multiple choice questions. You are able to look for tricky questions which the examiners are fond of asking.

Targeted revision is what I have practised for the past 40 years and been hugely successful. It is what I teach my students who have consistently topped the University examinations for the past so many years. This is what we bring to you now. Take advantage of this technique and I can assure you that the PG medical seat you desperately want will be yours.