“Virtual reality is the ‘ultimate empathy machine.’ These experiences are more than documentaries. They’re opportunities to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. Virtual reality is the buzzing technology these days and if you are wondering what is it all about, dig out some time to learn the lingo and get more acquainted with virtual reality and what it is composed of.

Head mounted display or HMD

One of the most common term you will run through while reading about virtual reality .HMD is a monitor or sort of display which is worn on head or is built as a part of helmet

Head tracking

Head tracking generally refers to the sensors which control movement of user’s head and move images being displayed so that head’s position can be matched accordingly

Eye tracking

Eye tracking is akin to head tracking.While user is immersed in VR experience the sensor carefully tracks the eye positioning of user

Field of view (FOV)

Field of view refers to the angle of degrees in a visual field. Having a higher field of view is important because it makes the experience more immersive for the user


The cool part about VR is you feel you are touching or feeling something but it is not present there actually. This is what haptics is.


Immersion refers to the experience user undergoes when he is in the artificial environment created using VR devices.


Latency is one of the limitation VR currently possesses. Due to latency when one turns his head, visuals don’t keep up accordingly which is quite disturbing. Hope this can be eliminated as VR advances.

Mixed reality

Also referred to as Hybrid Reality , Mixed reality is all about how physical and virtual objects interact and coexist.


Tracker is a device which provides numeric coordinates to identify the orientation of an object in VR space.