What all you need to know about google glass??

With augmented reality trending these days to revolutionize various areas, various AR headsets are available commercially these days and Google glass is one of them. To know more about Google glass keep reading.

Google glass is nothing but a head mounted display i.e. H.M.D designed in the shape of eyeglasses just the difference is that here the lens is replaced by a head-up display. Also referred to as project Glass, Google glass was released commercially by Google in around 2013.

The major features of Google glass includes its touchpad, camera and its display. The touchpad helps the user to control the device by swiping through a timeline-like interface. Google glass has the ability to take photographs and record video as well. Talking about the OS of the device we have Google OS which is the version of Google’s android operating system designed exclusively for Google glass.

Glass uses various applications like Google maps, Gmail, Google+ and various third-party apps as well. Google also provides an app called MyGlass which helps user to configure and manage the device. Glass can not only be controlled with touchpad but also by using “voice actions”. A user can activate Google glass by tapping the touchpad or through head movement which can be configured according to user’s requirement and then user can control the device through touchpad or via “voice actions”.

Google glass finds its applications in various areas like healthcare, journalism and mass media, military and sports as well.

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