Thanks for sharing your perspectives, Gutbloom My experiences have been different, especially in…
White Feather

Great post (Gutbloom — I’ve already added another ‘shilling’ added to your enhanced stats) and great response White Feather, especially your concise description of the For You feed. Ok, as baseline, auto feed is better than no feed. But frustrations abound especially in terms of update frequency and duplication. For me a big issue is that I want to read widely than the recommended interests/tags. This is hard because the feed ties you down to interests. So I recently changed many of my interests and people I’m following to try and ‘refresh’ the feed a bit and am waiting to see what that brings. What I would love is a “Not For You” feed that focusses on content from writers who have no interests/tags common to my readings. This ‘anti-curation’ might add a bit more spice to the Reading Roulette?

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